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Welcome to Reception, Rainbow Class at Shalfleet Primary

Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome to Rainbow class. We are really looking forward to working with you and your child this year.

Staff This year in Rainbow Class the staff team are Lucie Thurman (Teacher – Mon – Thurs), Lisa Matthews (HLTA –Friday), Lindsey Cox (TA).

We hope that this will be a fun and happy year with us.

Please see below for key information.

AM & PM Routines

Early morning routine – Due Covid restrictions – Your child can come into from 0845 with book bag and lunchbox.  The register is called in class at 0855 promptly and closes at 0900. If your child has an older sibling, meaning they need to come into class earlier, the older sibling will need to bring their younger sibling to their classroom.

End of day routine – The day ends for the children at 14.30 with the siblings going outside to be picked up.


Uniform – We ask that you regularly check that all clothing is clearly named, especially jumpers and coats, including their PE kit, and that all children are provided with a coat as we like to get the children out at playtime everyday, even in light rain, and a hat in hot weather.

PE & Outdoor Learning

PE & Outdoor Learning – On a Monday, we are very lucky to be able to take part in Outdoor Learning, followed by a PE session.  To limit cross infection, current guidance recommends that children do not change in school for sessions such as PE.  Therefore, on a Monday we are asking children to come to school dressed in their PE kit but with their waterproof/warm clothing for Outdoor Learning over the top.  Our Outdoor Learning session will be first, children will then remove their waterproof clothing in preparation for PE.  We would ask that all children have a pair of named wellies and plimsoles/PE trainers by their peg to use each day in class.  On Mondays they can come to school in school shoes and change into their wellies / plimsoles/trainers once in school. 

There is no set requirement for what clothes children use for Outdoor Learning – you may opt for an all in one suit or over trousers with braces and a waterproof coat.  As a parent myself I have found great success sourcing such clothing in charity shops as they don’t tend to wear out but rather children grow out of them, so this may be an option you feel you could pursue.  However, please speak to a member of our team or message if you need help in sourcing suitable Outdoor Learning clothes for your child. 

On a Thursday, children will have their second PE slot so once again children should come to school dressed in their PE kit for the day.

EYFS Ethos

EYFS ethos – We have been working tirelessly to ensure that we can stay true to the ethos of EYFS whilst continuing to prioritise the safety of our pupils and staff.  Children will continue to move freely around the setting, selecting and using resources to enhance their play.  Child led learning and play based interactions will continue to be central to our daily practice.  What will be slightly different is that we will work with children to select a ‘Bubble’ of resources each day.  This will limit the number of resources that can be accessed in a day and the number of children who can be accessing a resource / area of the classroom at a time.  This will ensure that our stringent cleaning routine for resources is upheld. 

We will engage with the outdoor environment heavily throughout the day for play, learning and when weather allows, for circle times and Show and Tell.  With this in mind it is always essential that children bring a coat to school, even if the weather appears to be fine when you leave home in a morning. 

Food & Drink

Water Bottles and Snack Time – Please provide a named bottle for your child to access water in school, this can be left in school and we will refill it each day if that is easier for you.  In the class we ask that only water is provided in line with the Healthy Schools initiative, with juice etc. welcome only at lunch times.  We will also provide fruit in the mornings, however, you are welcome to provide your own fruit if you wish.  Please no nut based products in lunchboxes as we have allergies in school and only real/dried fruit products.

Lunchboxes – These are stored on a shelf in the classroom.

Toys & Belongings

Toys/Belongings – Please can you ensure that your child does not bring in any toys to school at the current time.

Show and Tell – Show and Tell is a key element in Reception Class.  It has such a positive impact on a child’s language development, listening and attention skills and confidence.  To adhere to current guidance, we need to limit considerably what passes between home and school and for this reason we are not able to allow children to bring in items from home to talk about.  However, we would actively encourage all families to engage with sending in photos, pictures of work the children want to share or a picture of something that has captured your child’s interest.  These can be sent via class dojo or our class email.  We would also recommend spending time with your child to think about things they may like to share with their class e.g. an event at the weekend, something they are looking forward to, a new activity or hobby they are trying.  Our Show and Tell is a Monday so we would ask all pictures to be sent in by the end of the day Sunday so that they can be organised for the next day.  

Reading & Writing

Reading & Writing – Reading skills are key to a child’s academic development and underpin much of the learning in school.  We will aim to hear your child read individually once weekly and we have lots of other reading opportunities and activities.  To support with this we ask that you listen to your child read regularly at home as well as sharing books, rhymes and poems as often as possible.  Please always write in their reading record book to let us know when you have shared a book together.

We will be teaching children a non-cursive handwriting style with a lead out stroke to prepare them for a joined, cursive style at a later date.


Communication – Current guidance restricts what we send between school and home.  lease use dojo as the main method of communication, if you need to let us know something or need help with something, as unfortunately there is not time at morning drop off or at pick up time.  However if there is something we need to know urgently please contact the office as we are in a very busy classroom and may not pick up the dojo messages until the end of the school day. If you need to speak to us please let us know and we can arrange a phone call.   If you are unable to sign up for class dojo, please ensure that you provide an up to date email address for communication to be sent to.  This can be sent via our class email:

To ensure we are adhering to safety guidelines, for the immediate time we will not be sending home children’s work from class.  However, we understand how much children can want to share work with members of their family and how much they appreciate their work being celebrated.  Therefore we have established a class gallery display to allow us to celebrate and honor children’s hard work and where we can, we will send pictures to show work children are particularly proud of via dojo.