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Welcome to Year 5, Eclipse Class at Shalfleet Primary

Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome to Eclipse class. We are encouraging children to become even more independent with all aspects of school life; from remembering the correct resources each day; bringing in a water bottle daily; becoming good independent learners; bringing in their own sick note to the class teacher upon their first day back after being off from school; being responsible for bringing in all monies (in a named, sealed envelope) and letters to their teacher. Please support your child to develop their independence skills. This will help to prepare them for secondary school.

Y5 Welcome Letter

Staff Year 5 Class Teachers are Mrs Blackley and Miss Lucas.

We hope that this will be a fun and happy year with us.

Please see below for key information.

AM & PM Routines

Morning routines – This year, we are starting our day at 8.20am. After dropping of your child, they can head straight to the classroom where they will put their coats into their lockers. They will use antibacterial gel before entering the classroom, where they will store their water bottles and lunchboxes near their desks.

End of day routine – Children will head to the playground for pick up at 3.10pm.  Please ensure that you notify the school if you have any changes – for example somebody else picking your child up.


Uniform – We ask that you regularly check that all clothing is named, especially jumpers and coats, including their PE kit, and that all children are provided with a hat in hot weather, and a coat when it is cold or wet. We aim to get the children out at playtime everyday, even in light rain! Don’t forget that Forest Schools means that wellington boots and waterproofs are required.


PE – In Eclipse Class, we have P.E. on Mondays and Wednesdays with Forest Schools activities on Wednesdays too. Due to the current situation, children are asked to come to school wearing their PE kits on these days; they will also need to be responsible for removing jewellery and keeping it safe during PE lessons.

Food & Drink

Snack/Drinks – Your child can bring a piece of fruit/healthy snack to school to eat during morning play and they will need to bring in a named water bottle from which to drink throughout the day. 

Toys & Belongings

Toys/Belongings – Please can you ensure that your child does not bring in any toys to school. We will provide writing equipment but if your child wants to bring in their own pencil case, they will need to leave it at school.


Homework – As your child is now entering Upper Key Stage Two, their homework commitments and expectations will alter to reflect their growing maturity. The weekly homework timetable for Year 5 is as follows:

English  –  set on Monday to be handed in on Thursday

Numeracy  –  set on Thursday to be handed in on Monday

Topic  –  set and handed in as instructed by Mrs. Blackley. Topic homework will consist of a topic grid which will have a variety of tasks related to the topic; children will choose three tasks they would like to complete. The work should be done on A4 paper. Tasks are handed in as they are completed, with all three to be handed in by the last week of the half term. This is expected to be completed independently, although some guidance may be needed.

Children are also expected to read their school book or other media on a daily basis. Other homework may be handed out from time to time. Homework will also involve learning spellings and times tables.

As ever, with all homework, your support would be greatly appreciated as discussion and practise will help improve confidence.

Year 5 working on different money problems during maths day. We opened the day with a quiz, a big discussion about money and denominations of money (some thought you could get £80 notes!), where they shop and different ways in which they would use money. It was a chance for them to understand more about the world around them and how things have changed and are still changing. 
The class went on to look at which was better online shopping or instore shopping. Their conclusion was a trail of receipts was important because you needed to keep an eye on your money! Our next step with Natwest Moneysense  is to look at how you can keep track of your savings online.
Last term we studied the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings and the children enjoyed art and DT projects.
Textiles – Illuminated letters using mola design
Sculpture – Viking clay heads
DT – Viking boats with levers and pulleys