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Morning Routine

8.30am – 8.45am Pupils are met in the playground by their teachers and brought into class ready for registration.

For reception children first starting school we do appreciate that parents/carers will want to settle their child in to class and therefore we welcome parents/carers to initially bring them directly into the classroom, rather than the playground and the register will not be called until 08:45, this allows a longer settling in period.  Special arrangements will also be made for new children joining the school who are not of reception age. We do encourage older children to become independent as soon as possible, coming into school by themselves and taking responsibility for hanging up their coats and bags.

Once your child has arrived at school and the register has been called we check to make sure that all external doors are unable to be opened from the outside. Main access to the school is then via the doors signposted Reception where the school office manage enquiries.

Times of the Day

8.40am – Registration (8.45am for Reception Class)

9.00am – Lessons start

10.15am – KS1 morning break

10.30am – KS2 morning break

12 noon – Lunch starts (KS1 lunch in hall then playtime / KS2 playtime then lunch in hall)

1.00pm – Lunch ends and lessons start

3.00pm – School finishes 

Breakfast Club

The school offers an early morning drop-off from 8am onwards. This must be booked ahead of time via Scopay/Tucasi. This facility if free of charge.

Children will have a choice of the following activities:
 Completing any homework
 Reading
 Colouring

IMPORTANT – In line with Covid-19 guidance drop off & pick up times will now be as follows:

Reception – 8.45am
Year 1 & 2 – 8.40am
Year 3-6 – 8.30am

All drop offs are through the field gates and onto the main playground. Year 4, 5 & 6 can go straight into their classrooms in the outdoor classrooms.

Pick Up Information

Reception – 2.50pm – Please wait outside the main reception entrance
Year 1 – 2.55pm – Small playground to the front of the school

Year 2 – 3.00pm – Small playground to the front of the school

Year 3 – 3.00pm – Main playground
Year 4,5&6 – 3.05pm – Main field gate 

Please stick to your drop off / pick up times. Anyone arriving early will be asked to leave & return at their allocated time slot.


We do ask you to ensure that your child is at school for our prompt start to the day at 08:30 as this will help your child to establish a routine that should stay with them throughout their school life.  Any child entering school after registration must be taken to the school office. Please contact the school as soon as possible if your child is unwell (there is somebody on the premises from 08:00 each morning).  If we have not heard from you by 09:15 we will ring you to check the reason for absence as all absences, including late arrivals to school, have to be marked on your child’s record.

Research has shown that there is a direct link between attendance and attainment and this has led to government policy strongly discouraging time away from school where this is avoidable. Our attendance target which is 96%.


Parents/carers are welcome to attend any of our Friday Collective Worships.  Collective Worships alternate between ‘Sharing’ and ‘Celebration’, for ‘Sharing’ Worship the nominated class share with the school and parents recent work they have undertaken.  During ‘Celebration’ Worship children will receive awards and certificates.  Birthdays and our ‘golden book’ will be celebrated weekly.  The first Friday of each school year includes an extra special Collective Worship, to which all are invited, where we ask God’s blessing on our school in the year ahead.


We provide regular small activities for you to do at home together. The length and nature of the activity will depend on the age or stage of your child, however a rough idea of the amount of time spent per week is:-

 Key Stage 1      –           1 hour
 Key Stage 2      –           1.5 hours

On top of this we encourage your child to read on a daily basis. At times throughout the year children may be given “home learning” tasks, that extend over time and support the topic challenges. Our ‘topics’ encourage children, enabling them to work at something beyond the school day and then share learning and skills with other learners in school.


We create an atmosphere where the school community, parents/carers, children, members of staff, and the wider community, feels welcomed and valued.  We have an expectation that everyone in our school community will be treated and will treat others with respect and consideration.  We have high expectations, and we promote the development of self-discipline and self esteem by:

  • providing good role models
  • promoting an environment of encouragement and praise
  • helping children to develop a respect for authority

Positive praise and encouragement underpins all that we do in school. We instill in pupils that they alone are responsible for their choices and as a result of such choices there can be consequences.

Our “Golden Rules”, which are shared and known by all the children, teaching and support staff, sum up and re-enforce our approach to behavior.



Be gentle

Be kind and helpful

Be honest

Work hard

Look after property

Listen to people

Hurt anyone

Hurt people’s feelings

Cover up the truth

Waste time

Waste or damage things


Along with our Dojo reward system we also have a special book called a ‘Golden Book’.  Here records of children’s ‘golden behaviour’ are kept and celebrated with the whole school at our special Celebration Collective Worship.

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