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  Welcome to Year 5 & 6, Green Class at Yarmouth Primary

Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome to Green class. We are really looking forward to working with you and your child this year.

Staff I (Mr Cook) will be the key teacher for these two year groups and will be teaching the class every day except Monday afternoons and Tuesday. The class will be lead on this day by Mrs Moran who will be leading the work with the children as well as supporting with PE and forest schools on Tuesday afternoon. I will ensure that lessons are stimulating and enjoyable for the children to give them the best chance of positive motivated attainment. Teaching assistant support, when I am teaching, will be provided by Mrs Moran in the mornings.

We hope that this will be a fun and happy year with us.

Please see below for key information.

AM & PM Routines

Early morning routine – For the Autumn term, the children will be collected from the playground by myself at 8.30am. From here, the children will organise their things and come into the classroom where they will immediately commence handwashing. Whilst doing this, there will be a thought provoking question, quote, picture or task on the TV to get the children’s brains activated from the moment they come in. Children will get a chance to respond to this throughout the day. While they are thinking about their response or quietly discussing their answer with a peer/another adult we will take the register.

End of the day routine– The day ends for the children at 3.10pm, unless they have siblings in a lower year. I will lead them out and independent leavers will be able to go without being collected by an adult, however those who are not will need to wait with me until their adult has collected them from the gate.


Uniform – I ask that you regularly check that all clothing is clearly labelled, especially jumpers and coats, including P.E. kit, and that all children are provided with a hat in hot weather, and a coat when it is cold or wet. It’s important to get the children out at playtime every day, even in light rain.

PE & Outdoor Learning

PE – Our PE lessons will take place on Tuesday afternoon and Friday afternoon. To avoid unnecessary movement and to also ensure we have the maximum time possible for our PE lessons, I ask that children come to school in their PE kit on these days for the Autumn term. Please could all children be provided with some jogging bottoms and a sports jumper so we can continue with P.E. outside when it becomes chilly! I only have a small amount of spare kit for anyone to use (if for any reason they forget to come in their kit) otherwise the children will be provided with work to do to occupy themselves during P.E.

Times Tables

Times Tables – I want to put a particular emphasis on learning the times tables as these are very important, especially because they are essential to a range of maths skills covered in Year 5 and 6, such as long multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percentages and more. I have found Times Table Rockstars is a fantastic way of improving fluency with these and I have seen before with children in my class, who after only 4 months, managed to take their average recall speed for a times table question from over 9 seconds to around 1 second or less. This was then reflected in how well they picked up the aforementioned maths skills. I am going to ensure every child is signed up and that they are aware of their password so they can log in both at school and at home. I would like to see children practise using this program regularly in order to really excel with their tables. The children’s sessions do not need to be overly long, with 10-15 minutes each regular session enough to yield improvement. Please message me if you have any questions on how to use Times Table Rockstars with your child.

Class Dojo

Class Dojo – This is our completely electronic way of rewarding the children. As you probably know, one feature that is particularly useful is a message system (which can be accessed via computer or app). This feature allows there to be a better working relationship between myself and all of the parents in the class. I will be able to send class or individual messages out to inform you of particularly positive behaviour or work during the week, you will also be able to also message me if you have anything you would like to talk about or query. Other great elements of this system include the ability to view your child’s points total and to monitor what their points have been awarded for e.g. good work ethic. I will also post photos and videos onto Class Dojo so you can see the work your child is completing in school. I will be posting these regularly so make sure you check the app often. Your child will also be able to use their log in to edit their own avatar so they can see it in class and so it is completely individual to them.

Food & Drink

Fruit – Your child can bring a piece of fruit/snack for their morning break time.

Drinks – Each child will need to bring in a named water bottle to drink throughout the day. It can get very hot in the Key Stage 2 classes so a drink will always be available. Water bottles will be easily accessible in the class room in a clearly labelled tray and the children will be given lots of opportunities to have a drink throughout the day, however they shall not be on the class tables during lessons to ensure that great work does not accidentally become spoiled.

Lunchboxes – These will be stored just outside the classroom.

Please remember we are a nut free school.

Toys & Belongings

Toys/Belongings – Please can you ensure that your child does not bring in any toys to school at the current time. We will provide writing equipment but if your child wants to bring in their own pencil case, they will need to leave it at school.


Reading – We will be doing various reading activities at school, therefore please make sure that the children always have their books in their reading bags or school bags. Every child will continue to have a reading record, and it is helpful if you can write in it each time you read with your child, and adults at school will do the same to keep you informed of your child’s progress. However, I do need to stress that these books are mainly a home reading book, and we will not always hear children read these books as we will be studying quality whole class guided reading books together. At Yarmouth, we have a fully stocked library with a range of books that cover a range of genres and text types for the children to take home to read. Whilst in the classroom, we will have a range of different Horrible Histories magazines and a collection of books that are unique to the class and children can enjoy during quiet reading time. Hopefully every child will be able to find books that appeal to their interests.


Homework – I will be setting Numeracy, Reading/SPAG and Spellings homework each week. Spellings will be set over a one week period before a spelling test that will focus on the spellings they have been given. Spelling homework will be built around the spelling focus that your child is working on during spelling lessons in class, the homework will aim to further reinforce the rules they have been learning. This will be set on a Friday and will be due in the following Friday. Numeracy homework will be set on a Monday to be handed in on Friday. Reading comprehension and SPAG homework will be set on alternate weeks. Reading comprehension homework will be set for the first week, going out on the Monday and handed in on the next Monday, whilst the SPAG homework will go out on the second Monday and be due in the next Monday. This will then repeat. Topic homework will be set at the beginning of the topic and will have tasks related to the topic included, all the due in dates will also be included on this sheet, this will alternate between optional and compulsory. This homework will be optional in Autumn 1. I will expect children to be reading at home on a daily basis. Even though many of the children are becoming confident readers, it is important in order for them to hone the key facets of a great reader (fluency; vocabulary and reading style) by being heard aloud from time to time.

As your child gets older there will be an increase in the difficulty of homework and the attention needed towards it. I am sure that you will support me in ensuring that your child’s homework is neatly presented, written using a sharp pencil or blue/black pen with clear and joined handwriting. I do expect that homework is handed in on time otherwise it can be difficult to keep up with the marking and give the children quality feedback to help them see what they are doing well and how they can make their work even better.

If you have any questions/concerns about homework, please do not hesitate in coming to see me. If your child is struggling to find the time to complete all of their homework, I am happy to provide a homework club for some of lunchtime play so children can complete it. However, this will not be a time for additional teaching because I will need to set up for the afternoon’s learning.