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Junior Leadership

Our Junior Leadership Team is set up to allow the children in the Federation to have a say in running their own school. This allows children to have a greater sense of belonging, become more confident when putting their ideas forward and develop a greater understanding of the need to work co-operatively for the good of others and the community.

Every September pupils in every year group vote for leadership representatives. The Junior Leadership Team meet regularly with the Head Teacher or Senior Leadership Team to look at issues to enhance the learning environment of the school. Pupil surveys are undertaken and matters arising are discussed by the team members to ensure that issues are dealt with appropriately.

Over the year the Junior Leadership team look at and run various fundraising events.

As part of the consultation process, the JLT and Learning Leaders work closely together on the school behaviour policy.

The Learning Leaders look at the school Federation Development Plan and some of the school policies putting them into child speak. They look at and discuss the Every Child Matters survey. The LL also undertake learning walks and interviews with the children. They then share and discuss their work thoroughly with the JLT and the Senior Leadership.

During staff recruitment, the JLT and LL are involved in the interview process creating questions. Some of the children are then part of the interviewing panel to, to deliver the questions and give feedback.

The Governors invite the JLT and LL teams to attend some of their meetings where they can discuss their work on developing the Pupil Voice within the school and to ask the Governors questions.

Pupils’ Mission Statement

The purpose of our school is to have a safe place for the children to learn within an atmosphere of Christian love.

We want to make it a friendly, interesting and fun place to be.

We are determined to achieve our goals and reach a high level and celebrate all our achievements.

Respect all who work and learn here.

We want to share and respect each other’s beliefs.

Everyone has a voice and a chance to express opinions.

Our Junior Leadership Team

Our Learning Leadership Team

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