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Little Stars Sessions

The children are encouraged to explore and learn from many different materials including water, sand, paint, dough, modelling, shaving foam, flour, soil and lots of glue. Aprons are supplied but never seem to do the job 100% so please supply spare clothes.

We also go outside in all weathers so please ensure your child is well equipped with weather related clothing.

Easily washed older clothing is more practicle and try to ensure that all fastenings are simple, please try to avoid belts, braces and tight buttons. This will help your child to quickly learn to go to the toilet unaided and put on their own coats etc.

It is important that children learn for themselves but at their own pace, so we support and encourage them but resist the temptation to be over helpful.

Across the year we may introduce different ‘Backdrops to Learning’ which help provide a balance of new activities to promote learning in the EYFS, e.g. Spring/New Life. We encourage the children to contribute themselves by bringing in items from home to add to the display or show to the rest of the group. This provides stimulus for language and group discussion.

Example Time Table

Little Stars has a flexible time table but a typical session would be…

0845-1000 – Welcome children and parents/carers. Usually a free play session with an adult led activity running alongside, using both inside and outside areas. Children are able to choose freely from a choice of activities. Adults supervise, observe and encourage extension of play where required. This is a great time to interact and teach the children while they take the lead.
1000-1030 – Children are encouraged to help themselves to a drink of milk or water and some fruit.
1045-1115 – Outside play time as a whole group with the use of the playground facilities along with games and equipment.
1115-1130 – Circle/story time
1130-1200 – Preparation for lunch. Washing hands & toileting. Collect packed lunches, taken to the main hall where we join children from Yarmouth School. Lunch may be either a hot school dinner or a home produced packed lunch. The children are encouraged and not forced to eat their meal.
1230-1430 – Free play session with an adult led activity running alongside. Free choice of activities using inside and outside facilities. Also the opportunity to join reception class in the foundation unit.
1430-1445 – Story time or singing/boogie mites/magical musical moments/rhythm time
1445 – Home time

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