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Year 6 Trip to Paultons Park

Friday 13th May 2022

On this day we had the opportunity to go to Paultons Park with Yarmouth School. We went on the nine o’clock ferry from Yarmouth ferry terminal to Lymington where we got the coach to the park for around forty-five minutes. Once in the park, we separated from Yarmouth and went in one half of the park. In that part we had a base where all our bags were placed and one of the adults (Mrs. Blackley, Miss Lucas and Mr. Richardson) would be. We were allowed to go off on any ride in that section as long as we had one other person with us. This gave us chance to be independent. There were multiple different rides we could go on that were all uniquely different. There was a section called The Lost Kingdom, which was all dinosaur based. There was this ride called The Flight of the Pterosaur, which was where your legs hung off the edge of the seat whilst you get thrusted along the track, making it feel like your legs were about to get chopped off. Another ride was called The Velociraptor where you get propelled forward until you come to a dead end where you would have to experience the whole thing backwards. In these areas and more there is excellent theming. One of the classes favorites was the Raging River Ride. You would sit in log shaped boats and go up a sort of conveyer belt to a slide, which you would go down and get soaked, and when you think it is all over you go up a hinger conveyer belt to a taller nearly vertical drop. Around half past twelve we were called back for lunch and ate it in the presence of all the rides. We moved on to the other half, passing past multiple bird cages with exotic birds in. When we found a new base, we set off on all the rides we could. There was a huge ride called the Storm Chaser; the biggest roller coaster in the park and the scariest roller coaster in the park. It consisted of four carriages that spin around whilst you are hurtling around the track. As well as roller coasters, there were smaller rides that spin in circles and go backwards and forwards for the more faint of hearts. A miniature train ran around this part of the park, going through some amazing scenery and passing some of the attractions. Although it may seem that all the park is made up of roller coasters and rides, there is a section called Little Africa, which is full of animals from Africa. Some of the animals include fennec foxes, snakes, mongooses, meerkats and porcupines. Another very scary ride is the Cyclonator. It looks terrifying from the ground and if more terrifying whilst riding it. It is a giant swing that swings over one hundred and eighty degrees as well as turning around in your seat! This was not for the faint of hearts.
After a long tiring day of running around, it was time to leave. We hopped on the coach, drove to the ferry terminal and went back on the ferry and back to the island. We went over to the car park and went home. It had been a great day and a wonderful relief from SATs.
By Will Cool

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