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Y4 Ventnor Botanical Gardens

Science and Engineering Festival – Southampton University 16th March

A fun packed day where the children were able to explore and learn about a range of scientific concepts.
Throughout the day the children joined hundreds of people from all ages, to participate in numerous tasks and activities whilst talking and interacting with leading scientists and students from the university.
The pupils enjoyed making slime; what DNA was and learning how to make strawberry DNA; viewing their sweat glands on their fingers; learning about infections and how it finds their way through the body; completing a microscope quiz; constructed germ models; investigated how prosthetic limbs work using sensory feedback; made ultra-violet colour changing bracelets; designed invisible ink pictures and investigated how sound waves travel.

The highlight of the day was the excellent and amusing show which we had booked in for – The Science in Magic Show by Ian Dunne. Throughout the 50-minute show, everyone was enthralled by the various scientific demonstrations which were presented in an amusing way.

At the end of this brilliant day, the journey home was slightly spoilt by the long wait the children had to endure due to the problems with Red Funnel. However, they surpassed themselves and behaved impeccably, arriving back on the island ninety minutes later than they were due to!

The magic show was really fun; I found that learning science in a fun way. I especially liked using blu tac and construction toys to make germs.

I really enjoyed making slime. It was fun to see it neon and it was cool.

I loved seeing different types of science/ I enjoyed making my bracelet.

Magic is in science and science is in magic.

I enjoyed learning about germs.

I loved all of it because it was fun.

The magic show was the best, it was very funny.

I loved the magic show; the man was really funny. I loved the interactive displays everywhere.

I loved the range of activities and the magic show.

Year 4 Class Trip to The Roman Villa

When we went to the villa we took our coats and bags off then we were welcomed by three lovely people. They told us we had four activities to do, the first one required us to move to a different room, we had four tables and they all had box with objects and cards you matched the cards with the objects and kept swapping. The next activity was making a mosaic we were given a pot of coloured tiles and glue we were also given a tile after we had finished we tidied up for the next group of children. We stopped for lunch then the time came for a new activity. The third activity was a tour of the villa we were shown all the beautiful artifacts and mosaics. The fourth activity was, we were given a clip-board with some work sheets there were pictures of some artifacts and we had to find them and write down what they were. Finally came the saddest time was when we had to leave. So, we got on all of our coats and bags then walked to the coach and went back to school.

Year 4 Class Trip to Goodleaf Tree Climbing

Year 6 Class Trip to The National Army Museum in London

Year 4 Class Trip to The British Museum

Reception Class Trip to Moors Valley

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