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Welcome to Year 1, Sunshine Class at Shalfleet Primary

Dear Parents/Carers

We welcome you and your child to Sunshine class. This is to let you know about some of our routines.

Staff – I, Mrs Thurman, am the teacher for Year 1 Sunshine class supported by our teaching assistant Mrs Swift.  Mrs Blackburn will be teaching on Mondays after the children have their Outdoor Learning and PSHE sessions.

Please see below for key information.

AM & PM Routines

Early morning routine – Your child can come into school at 8.40am with their bookbag (and lunchbox, if having packed lunches).  Please let your child become independent in looking after their own belongings and letting them walk to the classroom on their own or with an older sibling.  The register is called in class at 08:50 and the register closes promptly at 9am.  If your child has an older sibling, they will be able to arrive in school earlier at the older siblings allocated arrival time, the older sibling will be able to take their younger sibling to class.

End of day routine – The day ends for the children at 2.50pm. You can pick up your child from the Pavilion.  If they have an older sibling they can be collected from the pavilion at the older siblings finish time.


Uniform – We ask that you regularly check that all clothing is clearly labelled, especially jumpers and coats, including their PE kit, and that all children are provided with a hat in hot weather, and a coat when it is cold or wet.  We like to get the children out at playtime everyday, even in light rain! When we go out of school on class trips, the children have a school hat that is provided for that day for easy identification.

PE & Outdoor Learning

PE – Our class will have PE on a Tuesday, so please make sure they come to school in their PE kits on this day. We only have a very small amount of spare kit for anyone to use.

Outdoor Learning – Outdoor Learning will be on a Monday so please send your child in in their outdoor/wet weather clothing. Trainers to be worn and wellies to be brought in, in a bag each Monday.

Food & Drink

Fruit time – The children can have a piece of fruit at break-time during the morning, generally straight after morning play. As part of the Government’s scheme, the children are given a free piece of fruit each day, or they are welcome to bring a piece of fruit from home.

Drinks – Each child will need to bring in a named water bottle to drink throughout the day. Preferably a sports bottle with a pop up top to prevent spills.

Lunchboxes – These are stored outside the classroom, however many of the children in KS1 take advantage of the free school dinners.


Homework – To be sent out after the Autumn term.

Maths – For Year 1 the initial focus will be on the practice of number bonds. This is an important skill to become fluent in as it will improve their mental calculations throughout their time at school. They will receive this homework on Monday and it will be due in on the Friday.

Spelling – Children will focus on practicing and learning spellings for homework.


Reading – We will be doing various reading activities every day, and therefore please make sure that the children always have their books in their reading bags in school.  Every child will continue with their reading record, and it is helpful if you can write in it each time you read with your child, and adults at school will do the same to keep you informed of your child’s progress.  Please be aware that sometimes the children will repeat pages and we may not necessarily change a book each time they get to the end, as we have to make sure of their understanding of the story and the characters in the book.  We will move them on to another book when we are confident they are ready.  On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings we have a reading time after collective worship.  During this time, myself and Mrs Swift are hearing children read and changing the children’s books. 

Library books – Sunshine class have a book loan service from our library.  They can sign out to borrow a book for a week, and then sign the loan book to show they have returned it.  Please take care with these books.  These books are chosen at the children’s choice and they are not linked to their reading ability. As you can see, reading is actively encouraged ranging from comic books to non-fiction books.

Making Castles from Recycled Materials

Practicing our Acting Skills

Maths Fun

Our Outdoor Learning Day

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