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Class Dojo

Across the federation we use the Class Dojo in order to manage behavior, communicate with parents and share children’s work. This system is used by staff on both laptops and iPads and works via a point system. Each child in the federation has an account with a Dojo Monster they have created attached to their name and they can earn points for things such as attentive listening, hard work, teamwork, eager participation and more. When these are added, children will be able to see the points next to their monster increase. Children can also lose Dojo points as a result of making poor choices such as calling out in class, showing disrespect, being off task and more. Teachers in the class will then have prizes for those who have the most Dojos at the end of term. This is a further incentive to earn them before they are reset giving the children a fair starting point for the next term. Children across the federation love this system as they can have a modern visual indicator of how they are doing in class and can feel a strong sense of achievement as they see the number next to the monster they have created increase.

Another strong positive for using this system across the federation is the ability to share achievements with parents. Parents are encouraged to sign up for the Class Dojo at home so they can see how well their child is doing in class and what they have either earned or lost points for, thus giving parents a good indicator of their child’s behavior at school. In addition to this there is also a messaging system where class teachers can message parents to give feedback on whole class achievements or things particular individuals have done that have really stood out. Parents can also use this to message teachers about any questions on homework, concerns they have or any other queries. This is a great example of how the home-school relationship is really strengthened by this system.

Finally, a new feature that Class Dojo has just introduced allows teachers to share pictures of children’s hard work with parents of the class which gives them a great insight into the work that is happening within school. This is particularly useful for parents who aren’t able to come to assemblies due to work commitments as they are still able to see and celebrate the great work their child has done at home.


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