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Where Are They Now?

On this page of our website you can find interviews with people who previously attended one of our schools and see what they are now doing along with interviews from members of our community.

Our latest Where Are They Now interview is with the interesting and lively Noah Priddle. He is a previous All Saints pupil and is now a live and recording Sound Engineer. 

Ben Punter attended Shalfleet Primary in the 90s. He now designs work spaces for companies to maximise their productivity and creativity. Mrs Grainger really enjoyed catching up with him.

Shae Brett loved Science at Shalfleet School and really enjoyed the practical experiments and investigations she undertook at secondary school. She went on to complete a degree in Chemistry at Southampton University. Mrs Grainger took the opportunity to catch up with Shae and find out how she is using her Chemistry degree in her chosen career. 

Daisy Cody attended Shalfleet C.E. Primary school until 2008, when she left in year 4. She is now training to be a Doctor and is hoping to become a Surgeon. 

Mrs Grainger said it was a delight to speak to her again and hear about her happy memories of Primary School. 

Mrs Grainger really enjoyed meeting Maddie, who left Shalfleet in 1991 – I really enjoyed listening to her story and about the amazing work she is doing with conservation around the world.  

Mrs Grainger had the pleasure of catching up with Kieran Wetherick, who left Shalfleet in 2013 – It was great to talk to him, hear him reminisce about his time at Shalfleet and hear what he is doing now.

Please see the interview with the High Sheriff Caroline Peel.

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