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ELSA Support       

ELSA support is an Intervention, just like a numeracy or a literacy Intervention.

The role is to support children in school, to understand and regulate their own emotional wellbeing whilst also respecting the feelings of those around them. Offering children the opportunity to express their feelings and describe their emotions is a positive experience for both the individual and school.

Emotional literacy explores children’s Emotional Intelligence, working on the 5 key elements; Social Skills, Empathy, Self-awareness, Self-regulation and Motivation. We do this through all kinds of activities. Sewing, making self-esteem and self-confidence books, talking about emotions, recognising emotions in other people and playing games to name a few.

We also look at friendship & relationship skills when needed.

The 5 elements are simplified for individual age and ability to give maximum effect and understanding.

The ELSA will usually meet with a child once a week for 40mins to an hour, starting at half a term up to the full term. However, depending on the need of the child this could be adapted. During this time we hope to have given the child better understanding of their own emotions and feelings and of those around them, giving them the tools to manage any difficult situations easily.

The usual guidelines around safeguarding are respected.

We are very lucky at both schools in the federation to have a room which is very comfortable, relaxed, and most importantly a safe place for the children to explore their emotions.

You can find out more about ELSAs at

FEIPS – Framework for Enhanced Individual Pastoral Support FEIPS 

We also offer FEIPS sessions for those children who need it. This a different approach to ELSA and is used in different circumstances; whilst ELSA teaches skills for the children FEIPS facilitates a helping conversation using counselling practices.
FEIPS Practitioners are trained members of staff who can offer a young person a safe and supportive environment to talk about difficult issues in confidence. They listen to a young person’s views, experiences and feelings without judgement in an atmosphere of respect and empathy based on a secure and trusting relationship. FEIPS practitioners have regular supervision from Educational Psychologists to help them with their work.
The child has a regular slot during the school week for 30 minutes, for a targeted period of time, but can be longer. Sessions are confidential and offer the child an opportunity to talk about issues that are of concern to them. Nothing will be shared with anyone without the child’s consent, unless there a Safeguarding concern. Sessions are one to one and pupil-led. Sessions may involve play based materials or activities.
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