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Year 3 Mainland trip to Butser Farm

Year 1 Beach Trip

YR Beach Class Library Trip

On Wednesday we were able to take Beach Class to Freshwater Library on the bus.  Many of the children signed up to be members so they were able to borrow a book to take home.  Here’s some pictures from our adventure.

Year 3 County Show Trip

Written by Jack and Maddison, Year 3

River class went on a trip to the county showground for an education day. We saw farm animals such as sheep, goats and cows, did some woodland activities, artwork on a large banner and sport events such as welly throwing and egg and spoon races. We had a tractor trailer ride too which was very fun and bouncy! During lunch we painted on a canvas
for the Jubilee. We couldn’t believe that we also got to meet Princess Sophie and Prince Edward. They were friendly, kind and humble. Some of us got to talk to them and they asked us questions. Prince Edward asked Isaac: ‘What are you making?’ They also asked Jack what the class had been up to. We had a few minutes left so we did some fun questions about cows and met some alpacas. We had a really fun time! Jack and Maddison, Year 3

Y2 The New Carnival Company, Schools Heritage & Dimbola Lodge Museum

Back in March, Year Two at Yarmouth had the opportunity to work with The New Carnival Company, Schools Heritage and Dimbola Lodge Museum too!
We prepared for our visit to the Freshwater home of Julia Margaret Cameron by learning about her Victorian life and works and by immersing ourselves in the sights, sounds and smells of India. The museum trip was so exciting and we got to make photograms in the darkroom and Estelle taught us about Julia’s home and who would have lived and worked in their  house.
Hannah and Katy from The New Carnival Company came to school to teach us how to make special drums, create a ‘pandal’ statue and to perform a celebratory dance –
we already knew about the Hindu festival of Durga Puja and our clay and rangoli pandal is spectacular!
Chris and Frankie from The New Carnival Company came to see our final dance performance and they had wonderful things to say about all the creativity and hard work the children put into it.

For more photos please click to download – DIMBOLA WRITE UP

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