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Welcome to Reception, Beach Class at Yarmouth Primary

This year Reception Class will be called Beach Class to link with the locality theme that has been chosen. 

The teaching staff will consist of Mrs Haisell (Class Teacher Monday to Thursday), Mrs Westhorpe (Class Teacher Friday) and Mrs Sampson (HLTA each morning and all day Friday), Miss Bristow (Class TA each afternoon).

Please see below for key information.

Class Dojo

Thank you for signing up to dojo so efficiently as this is our main communication tool with parents during the school day.  Class stories will be posted each Thursday to give you an insight into the children’s learning that week.  You will also see what dojo awards your child has been awarded each day – when children reach 25 dojos they will be able to choose a prize from our dip box before the counter is reset to 0 to begin again. Dojo monsters are randomly selected for children but they can be personalised at home with you via the app/website.


Can you please ensure that all items of clothing, including shoes and all personal items including water bottles, lunch boxes/bags are named so that if they get misplaced or forgotten they can quickly be located with their owner.  There are lots of children this year with identical shoes which will make it difficult to match the owners once we start to wear wellies.

Book Bags

We actively encourage all children to have a book bag which they bring to school each day.  This usually houses children’s reading books and reading record and allows children to become independent with taking home letters and work to share with you.  With all book bags looking identical, we also encourage children to choose a small key ring or distinguishing feature (sometimes children replace the strap) to help them identify their book bag more easily.  Some second hand, spare book bags may be available in school – please ask if you would like to see if we can supply one for you.

Change Bags

Messy play is also a big part of our time in Early Years and this means children will often get very wet and muddy.  We therefore encourage all children to have a spare change of clothes – including pants and socks – on their peg which stays in school until needed.  The draw string bags provided to families during the transition are a perfect bag to use for this as they aren’t bulky and therefore do not clutter the children’s peg area.  If you did not receive one of these bags during the transition meetings, please message or speak to us and we will happily find one for you.

Wellies and coats

Due to the muddy nature of parts of our outdoor classroom, we recommend that children have a pair of named wellies in school each day – ideally stored on our welly rack to save unpacking each day.  We do have some spare wellies but children do seem to like to have their own wellies that they can easily identify.  We also recommend children have a coat each day – our school site is particularly windy being so close to the river and we all know how changeable our weather can be!


Beach Class will have PE on a Monday morning.  On these days children should come to school dressed in their PE kits and they will spend the whole day in PE kits.  Please consider the weather and have a tracksuit for colder days as many PE lessons will be held outside.  Shorts and a T.shirt are better for warmer days.  Trainers are the most universal footwear which will be best for most PE activities.  PE t.shirts can be a yellow PE shirt or a coloured team t.shirt.  If you were not handed one of these during the transition days, please let a member of the team know and we can source a coloured t.shirt for you.

Food & Drink

Snack time

Children will be offered a piece of fruit from the class fruit bowl each morning during our snack time, alongside a glass of milk (milk is free until a child’s 5th Birthday – you will receive information regarding the Cool Milk Scheme.  However, children are also invited to bring their own piece of fruit or healthy snack each day.  Suitable items include fresh fruit, bread sticks, flaked fruit, dried fruit. Unfortunately biscuits, crisps, sugary snacks will need to be eaten at lunch time and not during our snack time.  We ask that snacks are clearly named if brought in a pot – children will be helped to pop these in their trays when they arrive in class of a morning. In line with our Healthy Schools initiative too, we ask that children bring water in their class water bottle – juice can be part of a child’s lunch drink.  The new EYFS curriculum has a huge push on teaching children about how to keep their teeth as healthy as possible.

School Lunches

Within the next couple of weeks, you will receive your log on details for our online payment and ordering system SCOPAY.  This will allow you to order your child’s school dinners and let us know if you would like them to have a cooked dinner, baguette or jacket potato.  In the meantime, we will ask the children each morning if they are having a packed lunch or school lunch.  Please take time to look at the menu (and look our for menu changes which are announced on admin dojo) and these should help you work out with your child which dinners they will enjoy and which they are unlikely to enjoy.  We will always let you know if a dinner hasn’t gone down well but we also encourage children to try new things.  Children can switch between school dinners and packed lunch but please order dinners online once accounts are up and running.

Reading Books

All children will be given their first reading book and reading diary before the end of the first full week back at school.  Please look out for leaflets and handouts which will support you in developing your child’s reading at home, alongside the work we will be doing in class.  We cannot emphasize what a difference it makes to a child’s progress when children read with family at home as well as school staff.  We hope you will use information we send home to make reading at home a positive, nurturing time with your child and something that becomes a time of the day to look forward to.

Outdoor Learning

We are delighted to let you know that our weekly Outdoor Learning session will continue this year and our allocated slot will be Tuesday morning.  To ensure Outdoor Learning is an enjoyable activity for children they will need a set of waterproofs in school because rain or shine, wind or sunshine, children will make the most of the school garden for this session.  All in one suits or 2 piece outfits are fine for this – we recommend looking in the charity shops for these as children usually out grow waterproofs before they wear out. Outdoor Learning Kit should ideally be in a separate bag to their change of clothes bag as they will be stored in the cupboard until needed each week.  Please name ALL items and bags.

Steps to School

Get all the expert tips and tricks so that you can feel confident that you and your child are ready and well prepared for their start of school!

For a free guide to school readiness please click here

Our Fire Station Trip, our release of our butterflies which we nurtured in class and also our finished Jubilee banner for EYFS.

Summer 1 in Beach Class

It is always a treat when the Spring and Summer weather arrives and we can explore and learn more about the beautiful world around us.  This year with restrictions easing we have been making the most of the wider community by recently taking a walk to the Copse.  This inspired the children to start thinking about different places that plants and animals may live and so a topic about habitats began.  Back at school we explored the school site, lifting logs, slabs and using close observation to spot micro habitats around us.  In the classroom we are excitedly awaiting the arrival of our butterflies.  We have been nurturing our caterpillars who have spun their cocoons this week. 

As you can imagine there has also been great excitement about the pending Platinum Jubilee and we have been busy creating masterpieces to share with the local community, including the residents at The Goldings.  The children were fascinated by pictures of the Queen through her lifetime and this inspired questions about what life was like in the past and what it would be like to live in a castle.  We spoke about toys in the past and considered how they were different to toys we may have today and the children began using the woodwork station in class to craft their own toys.  We had giraffes, boats, flowers and a fire engine amongst the collection of finished projects.  Our close proximity to Yarmouth Castle also allowed us to visit this historic site and to walk in the footsteps of past generations. 

We always use story books that blend and enhance the learning journey for children and throughout their child led topics the children have been polishing and growing their maths and phonics skills.  We are excited to see where the children take our learning after half term.

Autumn 2 in Beach Class

This half term has been a busy one in Beach Class and has taken many turns as we have tailored our learning around the children’s interests. Our new woodwork station has been a hive of great fascination and creativity and already we can see the development in the children’s confidence and skills with using the tools. We have had a whole host of models made including reindeers, planes, sleighs, shields and giraffes.

An unexpected arrival of a pirate ship in Yarmouth harbour caused quite a stir when the children spotted it on their way to school. This inspired us to paint pictures of the ship and write letters for the real life pirates that we thought were aboard. When we delivered our letters and paintings to the harbour office, we were delighted to cross paths with Captain Jack, the friendliest pirate we’ve met. A few days later he joined us in class, having asked his crew to write personalised letters of thanks to each child in class. We enjoyed learning sea shanties with him and hearing of his tales of pirate life on the high seas. Captain Jack later helped us to post our letters to Father Christmas by drawing us a map around Yarmouth. There were local landmarks to find and ‘x’ marked the spot of the letter box.

Christmas has been a huge source of fascination and excitement to us and we are very lucky to have been able to take part in a Christmas tree festival at All Saints Church. Reverand Leisa and her parishoners welcomed us to church where we adorned a tree with our hand made decorations and shared our nativity songs to our families. Next half term we are excited to see where the children take our learning and we look forward to our swimming lessons which we have booked at the leisure centre.

Outdoor Learning Day

Autumn 1 in Beach Class

In Beach Class we have been busy getting to know each other and settling into our new school and class.  The children are settling beautifully, adapting to school routines and making new relationships with children and teachers they meet. We have particularly enjoyed making the most of the outdoor classroom with creative, messy and construction play being particular favourites.

Our learning themes in class follow the children’s interests and with the children’s confidence growing our learning is sure to move in a broad and imaginative array of themes and topics. However, as an initial focus we are beginning the school year with ‘All About Me’ as a key focus.  We will explore similarities and differences that exist within individuals and families and make links to support our maths theme of Same and Different too.  Stories linked to our themes and interests are a huge part of our day in Beach Class and in the past week our stories have helped us to talk about different emotions that we may experience and positive ways to deal with them.

Very soon we will begin teaching daily phonics and this alongside our home/school reading books will support the children to begin to write, read and share their ideas orally (with our focus to speak in sentences and build our vocabulary).  We support early writing with plenty of gross and fine motor activities to build the children’s arm and hand strength and coordination. 

We look forward to sharing more news from our class soon.

Best wishes from

The Beach Class Team.

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