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School Chef of the Year Competition 2022

Please join us in congratulating Wendy Lohse Shalfleets own, for becoming the second finalist for the 2022 School Chef of the Year Competition.

Wendy was crowned the South-East champion on Wednesday ( 4th May ), following the regional heat in London.

Wendy cooked dishes with a Balinesian theme that met government school standards & cost requirements in front of a judging panel.

The competition included the top school chefs from the entire UK.

PEACH – Relationships Art Exhibition at Quay Arts

In collaboration with the Executive Head-teacher Group, IWC Public Health worked with key stakeholders to co-produce and develop a new ‘whole-school’ framework for Island primary schools. This partnership, known as PEACH: Partnership for Education, Attainment and Children’s Health focuses on four domains:

  • Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHE)
  • Physical activity
  • Healthy Eating
  • Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health

Excitingly, the ‘Relationships’ Art project allows us to bring PEACH into the wider community, showcasing and celebrating both the great work that takes place in Schools and the creativity of our Island pupils.

The exhibition brief for Schools was “creatively demonstrate what ‘Relationships’ mean to you? This could be around friendship, family, relationship with oneself or even linked to community and wider planet through the likes of the Island’s UNESCO biosphere status or COP26 agenda.”

Earlier this year both Yarmouth and Shalfleet schools were invited to take part in an exhibition in collaboration with PEACH and the Quay Arts Centre, in Newport. Schools from across the Island took part, interpreting the theme of “Relationships”. As one of our school values, it was a theme close to our hearts and the children had a wonderful range of ideas and interpretations.

It was an amazing opportunity for some of our most talented artists from all year groups to see their artwork in a real gallery. I also managed to work with Reception at Yarmouth to create the beautiful heart of handprints, something the children really enjoyed. The children were involved at every stage of the process, from brainstorming ideas and deciding on materials to designing and painting the final pieces. Each week children gave up their time to meet and work together on their artwork.

They all worked so hard and can be very proud of their achievement. It was a proud moment for me to see their work in the Clayden Gallery at the Quay Arts Centre and to receive such wonderful feedback from those who had managed to view the exhibition with their families.

By Gemma Whitehead (Y4 Teacher at Yarmouth)

Green Fund

Wightlink has announced that 15 Isle of Wight primary schools will receive a share of around £10,000 from the ferry company to support local environmental projects. Our schools were lucky enough to secure funds from this project………..Thank you, Wightlink!
As one of the first to benefit from Wightlink’s new Green Fund for Schools initiative, we will be looking to set up support projects that bring lasting environmental benefit to our schools and communities. Over the coming months, we will be looking at ideas like reduce energy consumption, encourage and facilitate recycling and at ways in which we can create new and improved habitats for wildlife.  

Yarmouth Duck Race

On the 16th April Yarmouth held their Duck Race. Children from both schools entered a competition to design a duck. Jen Allen who runs the Carnival Committee judged the competition. The winners were the Ukrainian Flag Duck designed by Freddie R at Shalfleet and the patchwork duck designed by Freddie G at Yarmouth. 

Tree Planting in celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee

Rachel from Natural Enterprise in association with  the Isle of Wight Royal Agricultural Society came to both schools to plant trees as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy for the Jubilee.

At Yarmouth, we have planted an Oak tree that we will move to our new site in Freshwater next year. The tree was planted by the Year 6 children so they will have an ongoing connection with the new school. Who knows, perhaps one day they will be able to tell their children about the history of this special tree.

The tree we planted at Shalfleet was grown from an acorn from a 700 year old oak tree at Nunwell. We will be able to watch this tree grow and nurture our own little acorns for many years to come.

We were very proud to help celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee by planting our trees. Do look out for them when you are visiting our schools.

Carole Evening

Harvest Worship

Mrs Grainger welcomed everyone to the Harvest Festival Service and lit the candle to begin. After that, the whole school said the candle lighting prayer. Then the children sang Autumn Days, one of our favourites, then students from Eclipse class shared some facts about harvest.

After, all the children sang Cauliflowers Fluffy and Cabbages Green. The service continued with Year 1,2 and Rainbow singing Harvest Time Is Here Again. Some members of Horizon Class read out a bible reading.

While the choir sang a harvest song, some students from each year group brought some food to add to the display table. Afterwards, some children read out prayers to thank us for all the food. Then the whole school sang All Things Bright and Beautiful.

After, Comet and Star class read out some harvest prayers, before we said The Lord’s Prayer. Finally, Mrs Grainger made a speech about harvest.

It was a lovely service with parents, staff and pupils joining in together!

By Daisy and Zara Year 6

Federation Pancake Competition and Flipping Enteries

World Book Day

Shalfleet Bake Off

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