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Travel and Parking

Shalfleet has achieved its Bronze Award for Sustainable Travel through SUSTRANS!

Shalfleet Primary School encourages and supports the whole school community to travel more actively and sustainably where possible. Studies show that travelling actively can help develop physical and mental well-being, social interaction, independent travel skills and good road sense. This helps ready our children for when they leave Shalfleet Primary. We work with a range of external providers, such as Sustrans and the Isle of Wight Council, to keep up-to-date with any appropriate schemes or grants that help us deliver this policy.

Click to download – 2904PLA School Travel Plans – Shalfleet

From Monday (15/03/21) we need to alter the drop off & pick up times. They will now be as follows:

Reception – 8.45am – 2.30pm
Year 1 & 2 – 8.40am – 2.45pm
Year 3 & 4 – 8.30am – 3pm
Year 5 & 6 – 8.20am – 3.10pm

If you have siblings in these groups, please drop your children off & pick them up at the time allocated for your oldest child.

Please stick to your drop off / pick up times. Anyone arriving early will be asked to leave & return at their allocated time slot.



A very successful “Drop-Off Scheme” operates each morning from 0820hrs – 0830hrs, using the dedicated car pull-in spaces within the school grounds, the children will be greeted and accompanied to the playing field or classroom by one of a number of adult parent/carer volunteers.


In conjunction with the “Drop-Off Scheme” we also run a “Pick-Up Scheme”.

Over recent months, we have been delighted that our school family has grown considerably. Although, this has meant the number of cars arriving for ‘pick up’ has increased along with the congestion on Station Road and Yarmouth Road. All staff take their responsibility very seriously to ensure that 170 children leave the school premises safely and on time. 

The ‘pick up’ system, which was put in place a few years ago, has ensured that parents/carers can pick their children up safely and conveniently. The school staff have been instrumental in enabling this to happen, with many of the teachers and TAs going above and beyond their contracted duties to make sure that pick up runs smoothly. 

2.45pm – Parents of Reception Class Singles pick up their children from Reception class
3.00pm – All siblings and taxi children to be led outside for pick up

3.00pm – All singles to go into the hall and wait in class groups

3.15pm – All singles to be led out by the members of staff for pick up

3.20pm – All Year 6 independent leavers 

To support us in making our system a success, please do adhere to the pick up times and leave the school site in a timely fashion. 

We would like to take this opportunity to remind the school community that the disabled parking spaces are for specific children with disabilities enabling them to get safely to their cars.  This is not just for ‘drop off’ and ‘pick up’ times but includes times when children may be getting picked up from after school clubs etc. Please be very mindful of using these bays appropriately.

We remain committed to working with you to make our school a safe environment for your child. 

Please ensure you let Mrs Porter, our school administrator, know by 2.30pm of any changes to pick-up for your child.


Our Car Sharing Scheme is one of the main ways of reducing the number of cars coming to school.  Please register with the school if you wish to join – where possible we will put you in touch with families in your area or along your route.  We would be delighted to know if you are already car sharing!


Parents/carers parking on Station Road are reminded of the legal requirement to keep the junction clear and to avoid causing obstruction by parking on the blind bend.  We also urge everyone to exercise extreme caution at busy times and show consideration to residents by leaving driveways clear.

We are able, by kind permission of Shalfleet Parish Council, to make use of the “Bottle Bank” area immediately adjacent to the Horse & Groom Pub car park.  Using the Bottle Bank area for parking does entail crossing the main road, which is often busy and has limited visibility, so extra care needs to be taken. We would strongly recommend use of the Drop-Off and Pick-Up Schemes which eliminate the need to cross the road.

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