School Sports Organising Crew (SSOC)

School Sports Organising Crew are responsible for supporting staff and KS1 children at breaktimes and organizing different sports events through the year such as the Year 2 event after SATs. The SSOC meet each term to determine ways to increase participation and enjoyment through sport at the school.
The Active Crew are responsible for encouraging pupils and staff to be more active – walking and cycling – to school. They run questionnaires involved with this and meet with Tom Ransom, our local SUSTRANS delegate, to promote active lifestyles.
The Sports Leaders are responsible for all PE reports for the website and the newsletter; for supporting the PE coordinator in PE across the school through the use of questionnaires, running clubs at lunchtime and monitoring of PE equipment.

The children are responsible for

  • writing reports on the sports fixtures for the newsletter and website
  • taking photographs of sports events
  • being playground leaders
  • organising and running inter-school competitions
  • help to run Sports Day in their school
  • help with the running of different sports events throughout the year

Together these children form a fundamental role in supporting the PE and School Sports in their school, whilst developing their own leadership and communication skills.



Shalfleet achieved the Gold Award in the Sainsbury’s School Games for our P.E. and extra curricular activities in the school year 2016-17!!

Well done to everyone involved in promoting and delivering quality PE every week and offering and delivering a range of extra curricular activities.
These are some of the photos from the Gold Mark celebration event at West Wight Sports Centre for all the island schools who achieved the gold Mark in 2016-17.
 These are pictures of the items received at Shalfleet School through the Sainsburys vouchers.
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