Great Websites

Maths is fun –

   Multiplication ChartPrime and Square Numbers   Square Numbers 1Square Numbers 2 Prime Numbers

CBeebies – – Games, stories and updates on every under-six’s essential viewing.

Haring Kids – – Wonderful interactive site by Keith Haring, an artist who loved children – activities, stories, animations and an addictive online colouring book.

How Stuff Works – – Engaging encyclopaedia of the modern (and not so modern) world, with good illustrations and clear text.
Mr Men – – Videos, games, stories and more from 24 of Roger Hargreaves’ unbeatable creations.
Nickelodeon – – Play games, share your avatar, download screensavers and catch up on your favourite cartoon characters at the Mecca of TV cartoondom. Plus Nick Junior (, customised for pre-schoolers.
Seussville – – A gentle celebration of all things Cat In The Hat.
Switch Zoo – – From a calligator to a dogophant, create crazy new animals online.
Guinness World Records – – Searchable database of record-breaking feats – but only some, of course, they still want you to buy the book.
Innocent Kids – – Great series of games and activities from the smoothies people. Match the animal with its poo is particularly engaging.
Funology – – From Brain Drains to Boredom Busters, jokes, games and interesting factoids – with a little learning along the way.
Top Marks – – Well designed and good fun reference site for all those homework queries.
Naturezones Wildlife Education Trust –
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