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Starting School – Starting School Sept 2021

A child is eligible to start school if their 4th birthday falls between 1st September and 31st August the following year.  Children start school in September; this can be on a full or part- time basis according to their prior experiences, age and need.  However, there is no obligation for a child to start until the term after their 5th birthday.

Before starting in the Reception Class, children are invited to attend school regularly.  Parents/carers are offered an appointment with the reception class teacher or a home visit, to discuss any issues or concerns and to get to know each other.  This provides an ideal opportunity for parents, children and the teacher to meet on an informal basis.

Ways to make school familiar

  • Point out the school whenever you pass it.
  • Tell stories about what you enjoyed at school and the fun things you did.
  • Walk or drive to school together so your child gets to know the route. Note how long it takes so you leave in plenty of time on their first day.

Plan Ahead

  • Write a list of all the things you need to organise e.g. dinner money, lunches, PE clothes, reading folder etc.
  • Shop for uniform and other equipment early if possible
  • Label everything!
  • If your child is in holiday routine – staying up late & rising late – then one week before term begins change their schedule. Gradually bring bedtime back to a suitable time for school nights.


Involve your child in getting ready for their first day. Your feelings will guide your child’s emotions. If YOU approach your child’s first day with confidence then they will be fine, using positive words about the school, their anxieties will be reduced. Saying goodbye at school may be very emotional for you but try to send your child off with a smile. REMEMBER even distressed children settle very quickly once you’re gone, so make leaving loving but brief. If you are particularly worried you can phone the school office later to check that your child has settled.

Do make sure you’re a little early to collect your child, even a few minutes late can seem an eternity to a waiting child. Make listening a priority. They’ll probably talk about their first day in their own time so avoid pressing your child.

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