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Welcome to Years 5 & 6 – Green Class

I wanted to start by welcoming you all to the Freshwater site of Yarmouth Primary School and into years 5 and 6. I hope everyone had a lovely summer and feel ready to start the new Autumn Term. This letter is just to go over some of the basics of school and classroom life, as well as information on important days and times.

Staff – I (Miss Whitehead) will be the key teacher for years 5 and 6 and will be teaching the class every day except Thursday and Friday afternoons. The class will be led on these afternoons by Mrs Moran. Teaching assistant support every morning will be provided by Mrs Harris. Forest School on a Wednesday morning will be led by Miss Gates and supported by Mrs Harris, while P.E. on a Friday afternoon will be led by Mr McCormack and supported by Mrs Moran.

Early morning routine – For the Autumn term, the children will be collected from the playground by myself at 8.30am. From here, the children will organise their things and come into the classroom where they will immediately commence handwashing. Children are expected to have their quiet reading time while the register is taken. Once we are more settled, there will be either a Maths problem or some comprehension to complete to get the children’s minds active and ready for the day. I am also hoping to introduce a weekly class debate!

Fruit – Your child can bring a piece of fruit/snack for their morning break time.

Drinks – Each child will need to bring in a named water bottle to drink throughout the day. Water bottles will be easily accessible in the class room in a clearly labelled tray and the children will be given lots of opportunities to have a drink throughout the day.

Lunchboxes – These will be stored on their pegs just outside the classroom.

End of the day routine– The day ends for the children at 3.10pm, myself or Mrs Moran will lead them out to the gate at the playground entrance. Independent leavers will be able to go without being collected by an adult, however those who are not will need to wait with me until their adult has collected them from the gate. Younger siblings will be brought out at the same time as the eldest child.

Uniform – I ask that you regularly check that all clothing is clearly labelled, especially jumpers and coats, including P.E. kit, and that all children are provided with a hat in hot weather, and a coat when it is cold or wet. It’s important to get the children out at playtime every day, even in light rain.

P.E. – Our PE lessons will take place on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. On these days, children should attend school in their P.E. kits. Please could all children be provided with some jogging bottoms as P.E. will continue even when the weather has turned colder.

Reading – Each child has been given a reading record so that any reading done at home or school can be logged. Even 5 minutes at home each day makes a huge difference. These books are mainly for home reading, as we will be studying quality texts together as a class. We have a fantastic library here, as well as a mini version in our classroom for children to enjoy during quiet reading time.

Homework – I will alternate between Numeracy and Literacy homework each week. It will be sent out on a Friday and is expected back by the following Friday. Spellings homework will also be set each week on a Friday. Topic homework will be set at the beginning of the topic and will have tasks related to the topic included, all the due in dates will also be included on this sheet, this will alternate between optional and compulsory. This homework will be optional in Autumn 1. All homework carries the same expectations as their school work. Neat handwriting and careful presentation are a must. Children should take pride in their work and look forward to showing off their achievements. They should use a sharp pencil or blue/black pen with clear and joined handwriting. If you have any questions/concerns about homework, please do let me know.

Class Dojo – This is a really useful way to communicate with each other about important news and events, as well as an easy way for you to contact me with any worries or questions you may have. It also serves as an excellent reward system for the children. Dojo points are awarded not just for great work but for their effort, good manners, helpfulness to others, resilience and respect. You can see how many points they have gained each week and what they have been awarded for. I will also post photos and videos onto Class Dojo so you can see the work your child is completing in school. I will do my best to respond to messages as soon as I can.

Finally, thank you so much to everyone for such a positive start to the year. I’m really looking forward to the rest of it!

Many thanks, Miss Whitehead.

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