School Trips

Year 6 Osmington Bay

We arrived at school on 30th October very excited for our Federated trip to PGL, Osmington Bay. We traveled for 1 ½ hours to reach PGL, which was kind of funny as we watched Mr Beans Holiday on the coach!
We had a lot of activities, raft building, quad bikes, giant swing, zip wire, problem solving and sensory trail, tunnel trail, abseiling, rock climbing and even a disco. I enjoyed the sensory trail and disco the best. It was nice
as we didn’t have to share our dorm with teachers! I was a bit worried about going on the quad bikes so the PGL made a deal with me that if I sat on the quad bike, I could boss Mrs Lewis around for a day, if I sat on
it with the engine on, I could boss Mrs Lewis around for two days and if I went around on it to at least half way, I could boss Mrs Lewis around for the week. I went round 4 times!!! Mrs Lewis was very busy after that!
I made friends with Holly and Serena from Shalfleet and we are now really good friends.
We watched Peter Pan on the way back but I fell asleep!
Report by Lily Blazeby

Year 6 UKSA

Year 6 Residential

Girls In Engineering Vesta Technology Day

Wow, fantastic news we won! Well done to Jess, Isabelle, Beth and Boe for their fantastic efforts at the Vestas Technology Day.

Two girls from year 5 and two from year 6 were selected to take part in an event organised by Portsmouth High School. It took place at Vestas and is aimed to encourage women into engineering. The girls were against other teams from the Island and had to design a transportation system. The girls showed fantastic imagination and design skills. Here is their report. Great news, Yarmouth Primary have won a business idea competition for girls. At Vestas two year 5 and two year 6 girls from lots of primary schools took part. We had to make a monorail to transport 4 Freddos (mini chocolate bars). We had a box of various materials which included glue, duct tape, paper, scissors etc. We were given wheels attached to wood and had to make a compartment for the Freddos. We made a display of our business idea. Once we had finished we had to present it to everyone including the judges. Then they announced the winners and it was us!

We had a great time. Report by Jess, Isabelle, Beth and Boe.

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