Year 5 & 6

Green Class at Yarmouth Primary – Years 5 and 6

Dear Parents/Carers

This year in Green Class, the staff team will consist of Mrs. Lewis (teacher), Miss Griffin (teacher) and Mrs. Newton (HLTA).  Mrs. Lewis will be at the helm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings before Miss Griffin takes the reins on Thursdays and Fridays.  To ensure consistency and continuity, Mrs. Lewis and Miss Griffin will be meeting on Wednesday afternoons to plan and resource Green Class’s learning each week.  During this time, Mrs. Newton will be leading the learning.

Children will be greeted in the playground at 8.40 a.m. and returned to parents at 3.00 p.m. each day.

Every child needs to bring a named water bottle to school which will be taken home daily.  In line with the Healthy Schools Initiative, we request that only water is provided although juice can be brought for children who enjoy a packed lunch. Healthy snacks are acceptable for morning break times, such as fruit, rice cakes and cereal bars.  Due to several children experiencing nut allergies, we kindly request that nut-based products are avoided.

P.E. will take place twice a week and we ask that named P.E. kit is in school at all times.  Preferably, children should remove their earrings before coming to school on the days which P.E. is taught (Tuesdays and Fridays); if this is not possible, please provide surgical tape so that your child can participate in P.E. and that we can adhere to health and safety requirements.

As we believe that reading skills are very important, we would very much appreciate it if you could listen to, or share books with your child on a daily basis.  Modelling enjoyment of reading is priceless and a great way to encourage a love of books.  Holding discussions and debates about the content of literature will inspire your child to engage with a range of texts and improve spoken language and communication skills.

Spellings and maths homework will be provided on a weekly basis and this will be discussed in class so that expectations are clear.  Maths will generally be set on a Tuesday and collected on the following Tuesday.  Maths homework will focus on fluency of mental calculations in the first term.  A spelling/grammar task will be set on a Friday and collected on the following Friday.   A half-termly topic-based activity will be set to complement our learning in this area.  This will be provided on a separate sheet and discussed with your children to ensure that they are clear with regards to the expectation.  If there is anything which concerns you regarding your child’s education or well-being, then please do not hesitate to speak to us in person, or by ‘phone.  There will always be someone available to address any worries that you may have.

We would like to add that we are very excited about the year ahead and are very much looking forward to working with you and your children here at Yarmouth.

Yours sincerely

Green Class team

Green Class MTP Autumn 1 – Viking and Anglo-Saxon

County Press Visit
On Friday 4th November, Alan Marriot, the editor of the County Press came into Green Class to talk about
his job and tell us how the County Press is produced. He was invited in because we are doing newspaper
reports in our Literacy lessons.
He told us about how many reporters they have, how they get the stories, all the different sections in the
paper, the deadlines and where the paper is printed. Mr Marriot said that they often rely on ordinary people
telling them about a story – and some of us were able to tell him about a lifeboat rescue that had happened
the night before!
Report by Lily Lester and Lilt Blazeby

IFPL visit
In the afternoon of Friday 4 th November we had a visit from Sam Blackley, an engineer who works at IFPL
in Shalfleet. He showed us videos, a PowerPoint and models that related to lots of new technology such as
3D printers and some gadgets that can be used on a plane. Before he left he set us a challenge as he wanted
to encourage younger people to become involved and interested in engineering. That challenge was to build
a boat that moved. He then came back to judge our boat building efforts on our class Risk Day.
Report by George Turner and George Cowley

Risk Day – 11th November
Our parents were invited in to school to help build a boat. We had planned our designs at home and brought
in some materials we needed. The morning was spent building our boats and in the afternoon, we tested
our designs in a giant paddling pool in the classroom.
Sam Blakely came in to judge our entries, there were two categories
 Best looking boat
 The boat that travelled the furthest
The winner of the best looking boat was George Turner. The boat that travelled the furthest was designed
by Rory Allen, with George Cowley a close runner up in both categories. We all had a very enjoyable time
including our parents!

Green Class MTP Autumn 2 – Viking and Anglo-Saxon

Wolfgang Viking Group

Visit from Isle of Wight artist Trudi Bridgeman

Some photos of a science investigation into separating solids and liquids and some of the children at the more able maths challenge.

Green Class MTP Spring 1 – UK & America

Green Class MTP Spring 2 – Benin

Click on the documents for photos of some science and maths work the children have taken part in

science materials pics / choc investigation 1 / choc investigation 2 / choc investigation 3

Green Class MTP Summer 1 – Benin

Photos from our ‘On the buses’ day.  This was a transition event for our Year 6s to use timetables to get to destinations on the Island.

Year 6 from both Yarmouth and Shalfleet schools went out for the day on their bus day. The day was spent learning how to use public buses safely, how to use timetables and how to look after themselves at the bus stations. The children all enjoyed themselves having fun in the park and having an ice-cream!

Photos of Green Class’s inspire day – model-making to inspire their next unit of work – Quest.

Some pics of Forest schools visit for Green Class.  This was an afternoon (Fri 19th) for children to practice survival skills to inspire their writing for our ‘Quest’ unit.

Green Class MTP Summer 2


Please see below some photos of what we got up to last year…

Year 6 Sailing at UKSA

Technology Day for some Year 5 children at Carisbrooke College.


Please click on the links below to access details of our curriculum & planners:

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Spelling Progression Map for the Curriculum

SPAG Whole School Curriculum

Year 5 and 6 English Overview

English Glossary of Terms

Numeracy for Key Stages 1 and 2

Writing Assessment Upper KS2

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