Year 3 & 4

Blue Class, Years 3 and 4 at Yarmouth Primary

Dear Parents/carers

Staff – In Blue Class, the staff team are Mr Roberts (Teacher), Mr Pickford (HLTA) and Mrs Blazeby (1-1 classroom support).

Morning routines – The children will be greeted in the playground at 8.40am by a member of our class team. Registration is completed upon entering the classroom at 8.50am. Should you wish your child to attend morning club, this is available from 8am.

End of day – At the end of the school day (3pm), the children will be taken to the gate in the playground for collection. If someone is collecting your child for you, please make sure you have notified the office or we will not be able to let your child leave with them.

PE – We will be doing PE on a Wednesday and Friday afternoon, however, please can you ensure your child has their full PE kit in school all of the time. For health and safety requirements, please ensure your child can either remove their earrings, or you provide them with surgical tape to cover them. If your child has long hair, it should be tied back and out of their face.

Drinks – We recommend that your child brings in a named water bottle to drink throughout the day. This should not contain juice and your child will not be allowed to have their drink from their lunch box.

Snacks – If your child wants a snack at break time, this will need to be provided from home. Being in Key Stage 2, we no longer receive free fruit. This has to be a healthy snack such as fruit or a cereal bar. No crisps or chocolate coated items will be allowed. We now offer a tuck service, where your child can choose from Toast, Crumpet or a Teacake for 50 pence as well as juice for 50 pence. Please note that this is only available on a Monday and Thursday.

Reading – This is a vital part of your child’s learning. We will hear your child read a minimum of twice a week. To support your child, we ask that you listen to them read as often as possible at home an question them on the text. At this age, we are working towards them being able to read to themselves and record this in their reading record book. Again through the efforts and work you put in with your child, questioning them on the text and supporting the Blue Class team in this area, will only benefit your child.

Homework – Each half term, your child will be sent home with a topic related homework task. This will help develop their independent working skills as well as support the work we do in class.

They will also receive spellings on a Friday and have a week to practice them. The spelling test will take place the following Friday. Maths homework will also be handed out on a Friday and this will need to be handed in by the following Monday. This will help consolidate the learning we have done in class. For Autumn 1 the majority of Maths Homework will be based on times tables and consolidating previous place value understanding.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Hopefully you have found it useful, however if you wish to discuss anything further, please come and see me at the end of school.

Yours sincerely,
Blue Class Team

Please click to download – Blue Class Long Term Plan 2018-19

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