Welcome to Purple Class – Reception

Dear Parents/Carers,

This year in Purple Class the staff team are Georgina Westhorpe (Teacher), Claire Sampson (HLTA) and Andrea Grieve (TA).  We also have Emma Haisell (Teacher) working one day a week, this is to release Georgina as she undertakes her new responsibilities as School Leader.

UPDATE – Emma Haisell (Teacher) will be covering for Georgina Westhorpe whilst she is on maternity leave – we wish her all the best and look forward to having her back with us soon!

Children will be greeted in the mornings in the playground at 8.40am and taken to the gate in the playground at the end of school just before 3pm; this is to alleviate congestion at the end of the day.  All children will be taken inside to After School Club at 3.05pm.

Every child has been provided with a named water beaker that will stay in class to ensure they always have access to fresh, clean water.  You are welcome to bring in a water bottle for your child as well if you wish.  In the class we ask that only water is provided in line with the Healthy Schools initiative, with juice etc. welcome only at lunch times.  We will also provide fruit in the mornings, however, you are welcome to provide your own fruit if you wish.  Other healthy snacks that are acceptable for morning break are yogurts, rice cakes, bread sticks or cereal bars.  Please no nut based products as we have allergies in school and only real/dried fruit products.

PE will take place once a week and we ask that named PE kit is in school at all times, we also ask that children do not wear earrings on days that we have PE (Thursday).  If you cannot take out your child’s earrings can you please provide surgical tape to ensure that we can adhere to health and safety requirements.

Reading skills are key to a child’s academic development and underpin much of the learning in school.  We will hear your child read a minimum of twice weekly.  To support this we ask that you listen to your child read regularly at home as well as sharing books, rhymes and poems as often as possible.  Please always write in their reading record book to let us know when you have shared a book together.

We will provide regular phonic and keyword activities to support learning at home.  In addition to this we will provide a half termly topic related task.

To ensure learning in Purple Class is linked to the children’s interests we will be looking to them for ideas for each topic.  This initial half term’s plans are linked to themes emerging from our transition.

We will be teaching children a non-cursive handwriting style with a lead out stroke to prepare them for a joined, cursive style at a later date.

We will be sending out regular updates about your child’s learning, however, we do operate an open door policy in Purple Class and ask that if there is ever anything you are unsure of or concerned about please do come to us.  There will be someone available to talk to every day after school if needed.

Thank you for taking the time to read this rather long letter!  Hopefully the information is helpful and will support your child in feeling confident and settled in Purple Class.  If you feel there is any further information that could be added to this welcome letter we would like to hear your feedback.

Yours sincerely,

Purple Class Team


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Purple Class Medium and Long term planning

Purple Class MTP Autumn 1 – My New Community

Autumn in Purple Class
This term we have been busy settling into our new school.  We have been learning all about our new community, getting along and working together to make school and fun and safe place to be!  We learn through our experiences in Purple Class and love to take our learning outside.  We build our core strength to prepare us to be confident writers, learning about phonics alongside so that reading and writing skills are developing.
Learning in the EYFS follows the children’s ideas and interests and has made for an eclectic mix of activities including fox traps, parties with the parents and making bonfires.  We have also been visiting our local community, finding out about the Lifeboat and picking blackberries in the local Mill Copse.
Next term looks set to be all about transport, space and exploring further afield.
This term we have been doing lots of investigating, we started in our own garden where we found lots of different artifacts; this led us to learning about archaeology and we were lucky enough for Wilson’s Mummy to come in and tell us all about her job as an archaeologist.
We are very interested in the physical world and started to find out about things like weather and natural occurrences such as volcanoes, answering lots of questions about how and why things happen.
We have also found out about lots of different celebrations around the world such as Chinese New Year, St David’s Day, St Patrick’s Day and Shrove Tuesday.
Later in the term we started to get interested in machines and vehicles and how they work; we made our own paper aeroplanes and had competitions to measure whose would go furthest.  When the heavy rain came we made boats to float across the large puddles in the playground!  After we had made and tested the different vehicles we thought about which ones were the most successful and then looked at the different materials used and thought about why those ones won the competitions. 
This led to our very first school trip off the Isle of Wight to visit Beaulieu.  First we walked over to the Wightlink ferry and collected our tickets.  We then had our morning snack on the ferry before meeting our coach in Lymington which took us to Beaulieu. We had a wonderful day, Richard was our tour guide and showed us around the museum as well as taking us all out for a ride in a beautiful 1920s car.  We also got to ride on the vintage bus and the monorail…perfect for us after all our fun learning about vehicles!’
As the weather is beginning to improve we are starting to think about the world around us outside; animals and plants.  We are going to begin the Summer Term with a trip to Tapnell Farm, keep posted for where this takes our learning..

Purple Class MTP Summer 1 – Ready, Set Grow!

As the first summer half term got underway the children were surprised to discover some strange eggs had been left in the outdoor garden.  This led us to investigate what animals hatch from eggs and we searched the school grounds for clues as to what could have left the eggs.  The discovery of green fur, scales, a claw and torn fabric led the children to conclude that a dragon must have left the eggs.  We read about the legend of Saint George and the Dragon for Saint George’s Day and the children decided to set traps and make dragon hot chocolate in an attempt to catch the dragon.

With the nicer weather, the children began to learn how to grow their own vegetables.  Neve’s daddy kindly donated a variety of seeds which the children planted and nurtured. They applied their writing to creating labels so that they remembered exactly what was in each pot.  When the shoots appeared the children planted them in the school garden and they look forward to harvesting the crop soon.  Time spent in the school garden led the class to become fascinated by insects and to encourage more insects in our outdoor classroom the children worked together to make their own bug hotel.  They used their developing arm strength and motor control alongside their measuring skills to cut logs to the correct size.  We’ve been using our magnifying glasses to explore just what bugs have already moved in.

Midway through the half term the weather took an unexpected turn and we had a very wet week.  This didn’t deter the children from their learning and they used the opportunity to explore the sounds of rain as it hit different surfaces and how much rain they could collect in 5 minutes. The rain also took our artwork in a different direction as the children became fascinated by watching how ink bleeds with rain and reveals different levels of colour.  They also looked at the effect rain can have on chalk and tissue paper.  To help us keep dry, the children explored different materials as they made their own umbrellas.  Before we had chance to test the umbrellas the sun appeared again so the children had fun making their own rain.

Towards the end of the half term we held our second Inspire Day.  We were blessed that many parents and grandparents were able to accompany the class to the local beach where we held a sandcastle competition and a picnic lunch. In the afternoon we went crabbing and ended the busy day with an Ice cream treat.

Our day at the beach inspired the children to make their own model beaches back at school.  They have also been busily building and testing a range of boats and waterslides with junk modelling and larger construction items.  As we move into the last half term of the year we look forward to a trip to The Needles to discover more about how glass is made.  With holiday season approaching we will also be investigating questions the children have raised about different locations on our Island and around the world.

Some photos of what we got up to in Summer 1 – 

As part of our Healthy Week we were very lucky to be visited by a dental hygienist.  She visited each class to teach them about the importance of looking after your teeth and how we should do this.  We asked her questions about our teeth and in particular why our teeth can hurt sometimes.  We also learnt lots of fascinating facts e.g. the different number of teeth an adult and child will have.

After she had left we continued to explore the theme of good dental hygiene.  In Purple Class we brushed ‘teeth’ to get rid of pesky food and plaque.  We also used skittles to practise our subtraction, ‘how many teeth will you knock down?’  We now have a dentist role play area as the children have become so inquisitive about dentists and teeth.


Please see some photos of what a typical purple class PE lesson looks like…

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