Welcome to Purple Class – Reception

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome to all new families and welcome back to existing families, we hope you have had a lovely summer.  This letter is to outline some information, routines and expectations for the upcoming year.

This year in Purple Class the staff team are Georgina Westhorpe (Teacher – Mon, Tues, Weds and Fri), Emma Haisell (Teacher -Thurs) Claire Sampson (HLTA) and Lisa Matthews (HLTA). 

Children will be greeted in the mornings in the playground at 8.40am and taken to the gate in the playground at the end of school just before 3pm; this is to alleviate congestion at the end of the day.  All uncollected children will be taken inside to After School Club at 3.05pm.  Please assured that even though we will collect and drop children to the playground we operate an open door policy and you are welcome to come in to see us either as you drop your child off or after school.

There will be water beakers in class to ensure children always have access to fresh, clean water, however, you are encouraged to provide a water bottle for your child as well if you wish.  In the class we ask that only water is provided in line with the Healthy Schools initiative, with juice etc. welcome only at lunch times.  We will also provide fruit in the mornings, however, you are welcome to provide your own fruit if you wish.  Other healthy snacks that are acceptable for morning break are yogurts, rice cakes, bread sticks or cereal bars.  Please no nut based products as we have allergies in school and only real/dried fruit products.

PE will take place once a week and we ask that named PE kit is in school at all times, we also ask that children do not wear earrings on days that we have PE (Thursday).  If you cannot take out your child’s earrings can you please provide surgical tape to ensure that we can adhere to health and safety requirements.

Reading skills are key to a child’s academic development and underpin much of the learning in school.  We will hear your child read a minimum of twice weekly.  To support with this we ask that you listen to your child read regularly at home as well as sharing books, rhymes and poems as often as possible.  Please always write in their reading record book to let us know when you have shared a book together.

We will provide regular phonic and keyword activities to support learning at home.  In addition to this we will provide a half termly topic related task and occasional maths activities when they are relevant to the topic learning.

To ensure learning in Purple Class is linked to the children’s interests we will be looking to them for ideas for each topic.  This initial half term’s plans are linked to themes emerging from our transition.

We will be teaching children a non-cursive handwriting style with a lead out stroke to prepare them for a joined, cursive style at a later date.

We will be sending out regular updates about your child’s learning, however, as mentioned earlier we do operate an open door policy in Purple Class and ask that if there is ever anything you are unsure of or concerned about please do come to us. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this rather long letter!  Hopefully the information is helpful and will support your child in feeling confident and settled in Purple Class.  If you feel there is any further information that could be added to this welcome letter we would like to hear your feedback.

Yours sincerely,

Purple Class Team


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Early years foundation stage

Examples of what you can contribute to the EYFS profile

Purple Class MTP Autumn 1 2017

Purple Class MTP Autumn 2 – Real Life Superheroes & Christmas

Purple Class MTP Autumn 2 overview

Purple Class went to visit Rainbow Class at Shalfleet and had a shared play day on the theme Festivals of Light. We made sweets and decorations, and did some dancing. We had lots of fun together.

In Purple Class we have been thinking about different people in the community who help us and about what we would like to be when we grow up.  We have had visits from a nurse, a doctor, a vet, an artist and we went to visit the local fire station.  To celebrate all this learning we had a Careers Day where we all came into school dressed up as the person we want to be when we grow up.  We then invited all our parents in to listen to us talk about the jobs we would like to do and why we want to do them, we then shared our learning in the environment and in our special purple files.
Spring Term
This term we have been learning all about different cultures and different locations around the world.  We have thought about where places are in the world and what those places are like, we have also been very lucky to have our families share their experiences of life around the world.  We have loved finding out all about different cultures and trying different clothes and foods for the first time.
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