West Wight School Implementation

Dear parents

Following on from the announcement last week that £4.5M ln of funding has been secured for the development of the school in Freshwater, we have been informed by the Local Authority that the build programme is likely to take until the Spring term of 2022. In order to fully assess the options for the transition period in light of this development, the decision has been made to continue the education of the children currently attending All Saints Primary School, who choose to attend Yarmouth CE Primary School from September 2020, in their current school building until the new build is to begin in the first instance. Now this approach has been decided, the process for the in-year admissions can be administered by the Local Authority and we attach the letter which has been sent to All Saints parents for your information.
Best wishes
The governing body.


Click to download – WW New primary school – Press Release – 11 March

West Wight School Implementation Notices

Dear Parents and Carers

We have now had a first meeting with the Local Authority. These meetings will be referred to as implementation
meetings moving forward. This meeting was in the first instance to introduce the various parties to each other
and briefly look at a number of areas, such as Finance, Building, HR, Admissions, etc. which will be relevant in
the next phase. No decisions were made at this meeting, however agreements regarding communications were
reached, a summary of which is below. The plan is to hold a meeting approximately every 6 weeks.

We established the protocol for sharing information with the school and wider communities as we all recognise
the importance of good communication. In brief, following each meeting, an Executive Summary will be produced,
agreed and shared within two weeks. The IOW Council website will have the Executive Summary’s, link to this site as below. A Frequently Asked Questions document will be published on the Council Website and would encourage you to let us know any (new) questions you may have which we will look to have answered at the next meeting. We hope this will give you quick and accurate updates on the process and other pertinent information via the FAQ document. Questions can be sent to: questions@yarmouthceprimary.co.uk or handed into the school office.

Best wishes Carla Bradshaw – Chair of Governors

The link for the Local Authority webpage where Executive Summaries and FAQ can be found is www.iow.gov.uk/schoolimplementation

Implementation meetings introduction final v2


Dear parents/carers

The LA have recently responded to an enquiry regarding the proposed building programme at All Saints from a Cllr and have shared the detail with us. We have published this on our website for your information.

Best wishes

Carla Bradshaw

From Richard Vaughan, Deputy Head of Strategic Development to IOW Cllr (not named)

Progress on securing the required funding for the new school is making very positive progress. As has been discussed in the past the DfE Priority School Building Program (PSBP2) is a national programme and therefore, follows a defined process which cannot be deviated from.

The All Saints’ site along with several other school sites across the Island have for some time been due for investment through PSBP2. The initial proposal from the DfE was to invest circa £2m in to the site, this would have seen some demolition of existing structures and a small amount of new build and refurbishment. Through extended negotiation with the DfE we have managed to move them from what they initially planned, to a new school option. This will see 95% of the existing structure demolished and then rebuilt. The only existing part of the school to be retained would be the original frontage and this only after significant refurbishment.

Over many months, along with DfE colleagues we have worked up a costed solution that we collectively believe will deliver what is required to support long-term primary education on the Freshwater site. This is now in the form of an Outline Business Case (OBC) and is with the DfE Capital Director for sign-off. It is possible this will be achieved by the end of the week subject to any questions he might have. Once the OBC is approved we move in to a detailed design phase, this will culminate in a planning application to the IoW council later this year. The next stage is to then tender the project and agree a final cost figure upon tender return with the DfE. This is the figure the new school must then be delivered for.

The DfE as part of the PSPB2 process don’t send out notes saying something is agreed until you reach the OBC stage, up until that point they and us are building a case for investment, this we have done. The one comment I can offer at this point from the DfE came from the PSPB2 Program Director, in a recent phone conversation we had he was happy to state that ‘ we’re in a very positive position and the speed of progress to date had be exceptional’.

As soon as we have sign off to the OBC I will ensure the news is shared fully with all stakeholders. To that end, the Implementation Groups which will oversee the closure of All Saints’ and relocation of Yarmouth Pri are developing a communication strategy that will ensure news and progress is shared on a regular basis through all possible channels.

I do understand the frustration that exists in some areas at this point however, do please reassure the Parish Council that progress is being made and the first major milestone should shortly be achieved.


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