Head Teacher:  Mrs Elizabeth Grainger – BEd English (Hons)

Deputy Head Teacher:  Mrs Sue Shynn

Business Manager/Bursar: Miss Sam Bayley

Chair of Governors:  Mrs Carla Bradshaw van den Akker

Vice Chair of Governors:  Mr Mark Webber


Teacher: Claire Nerval & Sylvia Smith
Supporting Learning: Lindsey Cox

Year One
Teacher: Lucie Thurman &  Sylvia Smith
Supporting Learning: Clare Jacobs

Year Two
Teacher: Sue Shynn & Diana Gates
Supporting Learning: Debbie Munn

Year Three
Teacher: Sam Clements
Supporting Learning: Emma Haisell, Claire Swift (1:1), Jenny Guelbert (1:1) & Emma Lucas (1:1), 

Year Four
Teacher: Nickie Jones
Supporting Learning: Rita Blackburn, Tanya Heimour (1:1), Teresa Gerty (1:1) & Debbie Munn (1:1)

Year Five
Teacher: Stuart Cook
Supporting Learning: Sharon Moran

Year Six
Teacher: Paula Blackley
Supporting Learning: Emma Lucas


Administrators: Mrs Jenny Porter, Miss Michelle Roberts & Miss Kim Porter

Caretaker:  Mr Paul Nelson

Special Educational Needs Coordinator:  Mrs Jane Collins

Family Services Manager:  Mrs Tracey Castle

School Cook:  Susie Piper

Kitchen Assistant:  Alison Wright

Meal Time Supervisors:  Gaye Cook, Tanya Heimour & Rita Blackburn


We are always pleased to see parents. For quick visits it is perfectly alright to “pop in”. The rule is that our door is open.  If you would like a longer interview, please contact the school office on 760269.

If you wish to see a teacher, please arrange a specific time before or after school with them. Or contact the school office for an appointment. In this way the teacher can see you at a mutually convenient time and you will be free from interruption.

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