School Trips

Here are pictures of the Y6 Portsmouth trip to a concert and to take part in an epic sing a long with 100s of other children.

Y2 Fort Victoria

Y6 at Sea with Southampton University

Y6 On The Buses

The annual bus day for Year 6, where they learn how to read the timetables and how to keep safe at bus stations and of course fun on the  beach and park to finish the day!

Y2 Newtown

Y2 Winchester Science Musuem

Osmington Bay Residential
Monday – We arrived at Yarmouth school at half past eight to catch the 10:00 ferry to get the coach at Lymington. The drive took just under two hours when we first saw the site we all got quite exited we sat on the bank and ate our lunch a seagull stole Franz’s sandwiches we all laughed and thought it was hilarious. Then we went to our accommodation after we had unpacked we went and played in a field to get our energy out just before we met Katie our group leader and had a tour of the site. We had dinner and had Passport to the world as our evening entertainment.

Tuesday morning we went for breakfast after that we went back to our accommodation and organised our groups. As a group we all did Quad biking, aero ball, problem solving, sensory trail, raft building, archery, tunnel trail, climbing, giant swing, abseiling, zip wire, trapeze and Jacobs ladder. We all enjoyed it very much we all thank the teachers and staff.
By Jasmine and Elena

Ryan – the PGL team are very helpful and kind and support you throughout the day. If you do not want to do an activity, the staff will try to persuade you to have a go. There is a different variety of food which is scrumptious and very filling!
Esther – I coped not being at home for five days and that I could take care of myself without mum hanging onto all the time and doing stuff for me

Henry – my proudest moment was going over the edge of the abseiling tower because I thought that I would never do it let alone get to the bottom, but when my feet touched the bottom I was so happy!
Catherine – I have learned that it is good to try things and to challenge to yourself with tasks which are outside your comfort zone.
The food is really delicious as well and you don’t have to wait more than a few minutes to get it!
Joe – I have learned that I am able to work as a team and I can work with people that I don’t really know or don’t necessarily want to work with.
My proudest moment was when I jumped from the trapeze tower and hit the ball because when I got to the top I was trembling but I still jumped!

Jessica – I have learned that I can do things by myself and to trust instructors when they say that things are safe. I have also learned to have a go at everything and it doesn’t hurt me to try.
You can meet new children and make new friends and you do not have to put up with your parents or your younger siblings! Great!
Elli – I learned how to be independent and how to sort myself out. I also developed new friendships.
Holly – I felt that it really boosted up my confidence and to do things that I never had the chance to do before. I learnt that I could stay away from my parents and have fun with my friends because I really enjoyed it.
Sebastian – my proudest moment was abseiling because I am petrified of heights and I managed to do it. Thank you for the trip it was great experience!

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