Year 6

Welcome to Year 6, Horizon Class at Shalfleet Primary

Dear Parents / Carers,

Your class teacher this year is Mrs Paula Blackley supported by Ms Emma Lucas and Mrs Rita Blackburn.

As this is their last year we are encouraging children to become even more independent with all aspects of school life; from remembering the correct resources each day; bringing in a water bottle daily; becoming good independent learners; bringing in their own sick note to the class teacher upon their first day back after being off from school; being responsible for bringing in all monies (in a named, sealed envelope) and letters to their teacher. Please support your child to develop their independence skills. This will help to prepare them for secondary school.

Children must bring in their P.E. kit every Monday and leave it in school until the end of the week, as your child may be involved in P.E. activities in all areas of the curriculum. They will also need to be responsible for removing jewellery and keeping it safe during PE lessons.

To help your children become more independent and to prepare for secondary school, they will be issued with a home/school record book. It is their responsibility to bring this into school every day. If the diary is lost, a replacement will be issued at the cost of £1 per diary. At the end of the week please sign their home/school record books along with any comments. I will take the diaries in, sign & return them on Mondays. This is an excellent communication device, so please feel free to jot any appointments that you wish me to know about (such as medical). However, it is your child’s responsibility to show me the diary at the start of the working day, if you write a note. To indicate whether I have seen a note, it will be counter signed by one of the Year 6 members of staff. If a signature is missing, we have not seen the note! Please do not sign the diaries several weeks in advance. It defeats the purpose of it being an opportunity for daily communication. I will of course contact you directly if the diary is repeatedly absent.

As your child is now entering the final stage of Upper Key Stage Two, their homework commitments and expectations will alter to reflect their growing maturity.

The table below sets out the weekly homework timetable for Year 6.

Subject Handed out Handed in by
Literacy Monday Thursday
Numeracy Thursday Monday
Topic At the start of the topic every Friday

Topic homework will consist of a topic grid which will have a variety of tasks related to the topic. Children will choose a task they wish to complete every week. This is expected to be completed independently, although some guidance may be needed.

Children are also expected to read their school book or other media on a daily basis. Other homework may be handed out from time to time; these will be recorded in their home/school record books. More information on spellings will be out in due course. As ever, with all homework, your support would be greatly appreciated as discussion and practise will help improve confidence.

If you have any concerns at all, please do not hesitate to see me.

With best wishes,

Mrs P. Blackley, Ms E. Lucas and Mrs Blackburn.

Please click to download – Y6 Long Term Plan 2019-20

Our first topic this year is – Y6 MTP Autumn 1 – Survival of the Fittest

Y6 Homework grid Autumn 1 – Antarctica

Y6 MTP Autumn 2 – Survival of the Fittest

Y6 Homework grid Autumn 2

Y6 MTP Spring 1 – Suffragette


Y6 MTP Spring 2- Truly Amazing


These are the photos of year 6 making blood! They had great fun as you can see!

Please click on the links below to access details of our curriculum & planners:

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SPAG Whole School Curriculum

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English Glossary of Terms

Numeracy for Key Stages 1 and 2

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