Year 6

Welcome to Year 6, Horizon Class at Shalfleet Primary

Welcome to Horizon Class – Year 6. The children are taught by Mrs Blackley, supported by Mrs Kirby as the teaching assistant with Mrs Blackburn teaching during Mrs Blackley’s PPA time. Together we aim to provide the children with an interesting, motivating and challenging curriculum which will both engage and help to develop the children through their final primary year, enabling them to be prepared both socially and academically for their next school.

Year 6 is an important year, the children will all undertake roles and responsibilities throughout the school.This involvement enables the children to become more proactive in the school community, helping them to develop into responsible, independent and mature pupils. As secondary school is approaching, we encourage the pupils to be more self-reliant and self -sufficient. They will become more responsible for their own learning and progress.

Our aim is to fully prepare the children for their approaching escalation into the new world of secondary education, and beyond.

Y6 Welcome letter

Y6 LTP 2016-17

Y6 MTP Autumn 1 – Splash!

Y6 Homework grid Autumn 1 – Splash!

Science investigation: Does coloured water produce coloured water droplets? Children made their own water cycle in a bag to determine the answer.

These pictures are from a Southern Water talk. The children needed to show how we used water, how germs spread easily (glitter on hands) and how paper breaks down in the water but wet wipes don’t even after a year!

These pictures are from our ‘boat making ‘ afternoon where parents were invited in to support their children with their designing!

These are the children’s homework tasks for our water project.

Y6 MTP Autumn 2 – Lest we forget

Y6 Homework grid Autumn 2 – WW1

Y6 MTP Autumn 2B – Sweet or Sour

Y6 Homework grid 2016 chocolate

Here are our WW1 poems:

A cold dayLM / A Haunting MK / Bad war CB / Bang bang death all around me carnage forming FC corrected Carnage DMu corrected / Dying men EC / poem 1 JM / SHOT LC / The First World War By Kaitlyn / The First World War JR / The great wold war TLR / The routine TR / THE SOUNDS YOU HEAR IN WW1 by Ada ( Poem) / The Trenches WW1 poem HG / Trench Warfare BC / Ww1 CG / WW1 poem AF / ww1 poem by BL / ww1 poem LMC / ww1 poem LMC_1 / WW1 Poem RW / ww1 poem TS

Y6 MTP Spring 1 – Truly Amazing

Y6 Homework grid Spring 1 Human Body

DT Sessions

Y6 Spring 2 MTP – Caught you!!

Y6 Homework grid Spring 2 – Caught you!

Y6 MTP Summer 1 – We Need You

Y6 Summer 1 Homework Grid

Year 6 from both Yarmouth and Shalfleet schools went out for the day on their bus day. The day was spent learning how to use public buses safely, how to use timetables and how to look after themselves at the bus stations. The children all enjoyed themselves having fun in the park and having an ice-cream!

Y6 summer 2 MTP – Survival of the Fittest


Please click on the links below to access details of our curriculum & planners:

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RE Shalfleet KS2 Long term plan

Spelling Progression Map for the Curriculum

SPAG Whole School Curriculum

Year 5 and 6 English Overview

English Glossary of Terms

Numeracy for Key Stages 1 and 2

Writing Assessment Upper KS2

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