Year 6

Welcome to Year 6, Horizon Class at Shalfleet Primary

Welcome to Horizon Class – Year 6. The children are taught by Mrs Blackley, supported by Ms Lucas as the teaching assistant with Mrs Blackburn teaching during Mrs Blackley’s PPA time. Together we aim to provide the children with an interesting, motivating and challenging curriculum which will both engage and help to develop the children through their final primary year, enabling them to be prepared both socially and academically for their next school.


Year 6 is an important year, the children will all undertake roles and responsibilities throughout the school.This involvement enables the children to become more proactive in the school community, helping them to develop into responsible, independent and mature pupils. As secondary school is approaching, we encourage the pupils to be more self-reliant and self -sufficient. They will become more responsible for their own learning and progress.

Our aim is to fully prepare the children for their approaching escalation into the new world of secondary education, and beyond.


The topics in year 6 this year are as follows:-

Autumn 1 People and Places – Y6 MTP Autumn 1 – People & Places

Autumn 2 Local History (Teacher’s Choice) – Y6 MTP Autumn 2 – Local History

Spring 1 World War Two – Y6 MTP Spring 1 – World War 2

Spring 2 The Human Body – Y6 MTP Spring 2 – The Human Body

Summer 1 Structures ( Pupil’s Choice) – Y6 MTP Summer 1 – Famous Structures

Summer 2 Changes

The overall theme throughout all these topics is ‘Change’; the children will learn about different types of change and when it is / has been a good thing and when it is / has not been a good thing for mankind. In their chosen topic the class would like to study famous buildings around the world combined with engineering and famous people (architects and artists).

Y6 Welcome to year 6 letter

Y6 Horizon Class LTP 2017-2018

Isle of Wight day – Year Six style 
We started with a 111.5cm × 75cm piece of cardboard which had been cut into quarters and had the isle of Wight’s outline traced on it. We were split into our house groups and were allocated one of the four quarters of the island. We then gathered our ideas and set to work, we had a wide range of materials that we had collected over the past week. Such as: Small boxes, sand, modelling clay, pasta, mod roc, bubble wrap, cotton buds, tractors, trucks, cars, cotton wool, paper, cellophane, paint, pipe cleaners, lolly pop sticks etc. We all enjoyed it a lot especially the messy side of it. – By Isabelle and Elena

Ambulance Service had set out to train all Y6 children ‘ How to restart a Heart’ campaign. 
We visited Yarmouth Fire Station for our training. Tom and Joseph were regarded as the experts!

Y6 MTP Autumn 2 – Local History

Y6 MTP Autumn 2 – weekly overview

Y6 Homework grid Autumn 2

Osmington Bay Residential
Monday – We arrived at Yarmouth school at half past eight to catch the 10:00 ferry to get the coach at Lymington. The drive took just under two hours when we first saw the site we all got quite exited we sat on the bank and ate our lunch a seagull stole Franz’s sandwiches we all laughed and thought it was hilarious. Then we went to our accommodation after we had unpacked we went and played in a field to get our energy out just before we met Katie our group leader and had a tour of the site. We had dinner and had Passport to the world as our evening entertainment.

Tuesday morning we went for breakfast after that we went back to our accommodation and organised our groups. As a group we all did Quad biking, aero ball, problem solving, sensory trail, raft building, archery, tunnel trail, climbing, giant swing, abseiling, zip wire, trapeze and Jacobs ladder. We all enjoyed it very much we all thank the teachers and staff.
By Jasmine and Elena

For photos from Osmington Bay see Gallery, School Trips

Y6 MTP Spring 1 – World War 2 / Y6 MTP Spring1 overview

Y6 MTP Spring 2 – The Human Body / Y6 MTP Spring 2 – weekly overview

Y6 Spring 2 -Homework grid Human Body

Y6 MTP Summer 1 – Famous Structures / Y6 MTP Summer 1 – weekly overview

Y6 Summer 1 Homework Grid

Our Structure Challenge!

Here are the pictures for our topic – Structures – where children have made cakes / 3D buildings.

Photos showing active outdoor learning for revision for Year 6. They looked at different maths sums/challenges in groups or spag elements!

Y6 MTP Summer 2 – The Human Body  /  Y6 MTP Summer 2 – weekly overview

Y6 Summer 2 Homework Grid

Here are the pictures of our Year 6 trip to the Spinnaker Tower and the Leavers Service

Please click on the links below to access details of our curriculum & planners:

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RE Shalfleet KS2 Long term plan

Spelling Progression Map for the Curriculum

SPAG Whole School Curriculum

Year 5 and 6 English Overview

English Glossary of Terms

Numeracy for Key Stages 1 and 2

Writing Assessment Upper KS2

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