Year 4

Welcome to Year 4, Comet Class at Shalfleet Primary

Dear Parents/Carers

We welcome you and your child to Comet class. This is to let you know about some of our routines.

The teachers for Comet class are Miss Isaac ( Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday ) and Mrs Smith (Thursday, Friday ) supported by our Teaching Assistant Mrs Blackburn.

Early morning routine – From September, On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday your child can come into the classroom from 0820 when they can complete their work responding to the marking comments from the previous day, and then starting to read their book. On Monday and Friday your child can go straight into the playground to play before the bell rings at 0830. Please let your child become independent in looking after their own belongings and letting them walk to the classroom on their own.

The register is called in class at 0835 and the register closes prompt at 0840.

Fruit time – The children can bring a piece of fruit to eat during morning play.

Drinks – Each child will need to bring in a named water bottle to drink throughout the day. If they have a sports bottle with a pop up top they can be left under the tables for the children to use freely during the day.

Lunchboxes – These are stored in the classrooms however the majority of children.

End of day routine – Please continue to follow the school pick up and drop off system.

Toys – Please can you make sure that your child does not bring in any toys to school. We will provide writing equipment but the children are welcome to bring their own pencil cases to keep in their trays.

Uniform – We ask that you regularly check that all clothing is clearly labeled, especially jumpers and coats, including their PE kit, and that all children are provided with a hat in hot weather, and a coat when it is cold or wet. We like to get the children out at playtime everyday, even in light rain! When we go out of school on class trips, the children have a school hat that is provided for that day for easy identification.

PE – Our class will have PE and Dance lessons on a Monday and a Wednesday with Miss Isaac, so please make sure their kits are in school each week, these should be brought into school on Mondays and taken home to wash on Friday if necessary. We only have a very small amount of spare kit for anyone to borrow!

Swimming lessons will be held later on in the school year.

Reading – We will be doing various reading activities every day, and therefore please make sure that the children always have their books in their reading bags in school. Every child will continue with their reading record, and it is helpful if you can write in it each time you read with your child (whatever they have read), and adults at school will do the same to keep you informed of your child’s progress. However I need to stress that these books are mainly a home reading book, and we will not always hear them read these books. Please be aware that sometimes the children will repeat pages and we may not necessarily change a book each time they get to the end, as we have to make sure of their understanding of the story and the characters in the book. We will move them on to another book when we are confident they are ready. We will also cover a class set text on a weekly basis (please see the overview for details).These books are linked to the topic and the comprehension questions will be adjusted to suit your child’s reading ability. As you can see, reading is actively encouraged ranging from comic books to non-fiction books.

Trips – We plan to do plenty of exciting school trips this year and will try to keep the costs as low as possible. However, we do plan to visit the mainland and will try to give you plenty of warning to allow time to save for these trips. Details of the Year 4 residential trip are to follow shortly.

Homework – this pretty much follows the same pattern as Year 3.

Spelling homework will be sent home on a Thursday and we would ask that you encourage your child to learn their words (please practice the words at least 3 times). These words can then be put into sentences in their homework books. Their homework needs to be handed in on Monday morning (to enable the teacher time for marking) and then these words will be tested every Thursday morning. When the children have settled into the class routine, Numeracy homework will be sent out on a Monday, to be returned by the following Monday. This will also be completed in a book. ’ Take home’ tasks will be set at the start of every half term. Details of this will always be on your copy of the over view.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Hopefully the information will help you and your child to settle quickly into Comet class. If you have any pressing concerns or questions about your child or our routines, then please do not hesitate to make an appointment to speak us before or after school. However, we do usually inform you of your child’s progress during our Parent/Teacher interviews.

We hope that this will be a fun and happy year in Comet class.

Yours sincerely,

Miss Isaac, Mrs Smith & Mrs Blackburn

Y4 Long Term Plan

Y4 MTP Autumn1 – All wrapped up


Year 4 had a visit from the constant doodler – Mr Cuff – a lesson in fine motor control. The children had to produce designs without taking their pencil off the paper. Thoroughly enjoyed by all!

Y4 MTP Autumn 2 – USA

Children in Need – a visit from Pudsey

Pudsey (40) Pudsey (39)

Our American Election

American Election (2)  American Election (1)

Ladies that Lunch!

Ladies that lunch 

Here are the year 6 sports leaders teaching year 4


Y4 MTP Spring 1 – Indus

Click to see some more – Y4 Comet class photos

Y4 MTP Spring 2 – Extreme Weather

Poetry Trip to Freshwater Bay

 Y4 MTP Summer1 – South America

Y4 MTP Summer2 – We are the champions!

During this school year, the children have had the opportunity to participate in so many exciting activities to enhance their learning and create wonderful memories. We are so fortunate to live in such beautiful surroundings and we have used the environment as inspiration for many things, including building water proof structures at Bouldnor Forest!

During Literacy lessons, we have been aspiring poets and have experimented with various poetic devices. We also had the opportunity to visit Dimbolla Lodge at Freshwater Bay to see where Margaret Cameron once lived and partied with famous poets such as Lord Tennyson. We then sat down by the beach and wrote our own verse poetry.

We dressed as mummies for our Ancient Egypt day and Cowboys when studying North America. We have tasted South American food and made a curry. We even made our very own interactive rainforest! Finally, we have had the opportunity to play many different sports (in addition to our normal P.E lessons). We went to the West Bay for a Tennis day, had a scooter and cycling day and ploughed up and down West Wight Swimming Pool on a Tuesday morning. Our final session in the pool was celebrated with floats and diving boards!

This has been an amazing year and is certainly etched in my memory forever!


Please click on the links below to access details of our new curriculum & planners:

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SPAG Whole School Curriculum

Year 3 and 4 English Overview

English Glossary of Terms

Numeracy for Key Stages 1 and 2

Writing Assessment Lower KS2

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