Year 3

Welcome to Star class Y3 at Shalfleet CE Primary

Dear Parents/Carers,

Firstly, I would like to welcome you and your child, whether you are returning to Shalfleet as a Year 3, or joining our school for the first time.  I hope you have all had a relaxing and enjoyable summer break.

Staff:  I will be your child’s key teacher, Mr Clements, for this year group and will be teaching the class every day except Friday afternoons.  These lessons will be led by members of the Southampton Music Hub and Mrs Blackburn, teaching Music & Topic respectively.  I am incredibly excited and enthusiastic about the year ahead and I will ensure that all the lessons are stimulating and interesting to encourage child motivation and enjoyment.  Teaching Assistant support will be provided by Mrs Haisell.

Early Morning Routine:  On Monday and Friday your child can go into the playground from 8:20am (with book bag and lunchbox), and when the bell rings at 8:30am, line up and go into class.  On Tuesday to Thursday, the children come straight into the class where they will be expected to organise their belongings, complete feedback marking and/or quietly read their reading books.  The register will be taken at 8:40am.

Drinks:  Each child needs to bring in a named water bottle for the day.  These bottles are easily accessible and children are encouraged to drink and remain hydrated throughout the day.

Fruit:  Your child may bring in a piece of fruit to have as a break time snack.

Lunchboxes:  These will be stored within the classroom area.

End Of Day:  Star class will line up outside at 3:00pm, ready to be collected.  If your child is being collected by another parent, or family member, please inform the office prior to this so that we can safely release the children to them.  Children with After School Clubs will be collected by their respective club teacher.

Uniform:  Please ensure that all children’s clothing is clearly labelled and that all children are provided with a hat for hot weather, and a coat for when it is cold or wet.

PE: Year 3’s PE lessons will take place on Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings.  Can you please ensure that all children have their kit in school for these lessons, and that they are clearly labelled.

Reading:  Children will be given the opportunity to read every day, either independently or heard by an adult.  Please ensure that children bring their reading bag with their reading record and book into school every morning.  The reading record shows which book your child is reading, a reminder of where they have got up to, and who they are reading with.  It would be helpful if you could sign in it each time you hear your child read.

As well as home reading books, the children will have a Guided Reading session each week on a Thursday morning where they will practice reading various different texts in groups to challenge and improve their reading and comprehension.

Homework:  I will be setting Numeracy and Spelling homework each week.  Spelling will be set on a Monday morning and tested the following Monday.  Numeracy will also be set on the Monday but this will need to be handed in on the Friday.  The Literacy/Topic homework will be larger piece of homework, presented at the end of a topic and at the end of each ½ term.  Details of this homework, and the topic that your child will be studying will be handed out at the beginning of each term.

If you have any questions/concerns about homework, please do not hesitate in coming to see me.  If your child is struggling to find the time to complete all of their homework, I am happy to provide a homework club for some of lunchtime play so children can complete it.  However, this will not be a time for additional teaching because I will need to set up for the afternoon’s learning.

Class Dojo:  Attached is an invitation to the class dojo system.  This is an electronic way of rewarding the children and gives you the opportunity to follow their progress from home.  One of the features of this system that is particularly useful is the messaging system.  If you have any questions or concerns, you can message me anytime.

Thank you for your time in reading this letter.  Once again, if there are any worries or concerns you may have, please do not hesitate in coming to see me after school.  If there is anything I can do to support you or your child then I will.  I am looking forward to working with you and your child and create an exciting, productive and enjoyable school year.

Kind Regards,

Mr Clements

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