Welcome to Rainbow Class, Reception at Shalfleet Primary

We are the Reception class at Shalfleet CE Primary and take the youngest children in our school.

This year (September 2017) Rainbow class will have Mrs Claire Nerval as class teacher from Monday to Thursday morning and Mrs Sylvia Smith on Thursday afternoons and Fridays. Mrs Lindsey Cox will remain as teaching assistant every day.


We work closely with the onsite Little Explorers pre-school as we are the final year of the Early Years Foundation Stage and our task is to prepare the children for Year 1, when the National Curriculum starts. The Early Years curriculum is based on the development of social skills, physical skills and communication.

Early Years Foundation Stage Vision

When children are ready we move on to teaching phonic skills, leading to reading and writing, maths, exploring the world and creative development. We aim to work closely with parents to make the children’s experience of starting school a happy one, and welcome parents in to class to play alongside their child.

In their first term in school children are settling in, learning the expectations and how to play together. We are introducing phonics, that is how each letter sounds, and starting to write some letters and to read simple words. 

Please click to download Shalfleet’s Reading & Phonics Statement

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YR Welcome letter

Our first topic is superheroes, including people who help us – YR MTP Autumn 1 – My Hero

Autumn 2 our topic is Festivals Around the World – YR MTP Autumn 2 – Festivals around the World

YR MTP Autumn 2 overview

Rainbow and Purple Class from Yarmouth had a shared play day on the theme Festivals of Light. We made sweets and decorations, and did some dancing. We had lots of fun together.

These are some photos of what we have been getting up to and the day our parents came in to visit….

Spring 1 we will be producing our performance for families of “Chicken Licken “with singing and acting 

YR MTP Spring 1 – Playtime! / YR MTP Spring 1 Overview

YR January letter

YR MTP Spring 2 – New Life / YR MTP Spring 2 Overview

YR February letter to parents

Some of the fun we got up to in Spring 2…

YR MTP Summer 1 – The Three Little Pigs / YR MTP Summer 1 Overview

YR April letter

YR MTP Summer 2 – Knights and Castles  /  YR MT Summer 2 overview

YR June letter to parents

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