Little Stars Pre-School

Little Stars Pre-School

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Our main objective is to ensure that the children have fun, enjoy their time with us and learn in a calm, relaxed and natural way. We endeavor to provide an educationally stimulating environment in which the children feel calm, valued and able to progress at their own speed. We aim to be approachable, open to Parents/ Carers and their families, knowledgeable and helpful wherever we can.

Our aim is to encourage all aspects of each child’s development, creating a balance between freedom and discipline, creativity and control.

We strive to achieve this with the following objectives:
• To encourage a family atmosphere, teaching children to have respect for each other, thereby learning to relate to one another and building an attitude of caring and sharing.
• To encourage learning through play by providing games and activities which develop each child’s skills and self-awareness.
• To provide materials and challenges aimed at encouraging excitement and motivation for learning.

Our Preschool curriculum is an informal course of learning, working within the Early Years Foundation Stage. The Early Years Foundation Stage is set out in a document published by the DfES & is the framework to ensure that every child has the best possible start in life, & support to fill their potential. The frame work divides children’s learning into 7 areas. Combined together, the seven areas of learning provide opportunities to address important aspects of children’s spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development.

The four Themes for the EYFS express important Principles underpinning effective practice in the care, development and learning of young children. These are evident in all we are & do at Little Stars.

At Little Stars children learn:
 To use language and communicate with other children and adults
 To listen and respond as part of a group
 To enjoy stories, poems and music
 To recognise that written words carry meaning, stories and ideas
 To compare objects/materials and to make predictions about them based upon experience
 To create and recognise patterns and sequences
 To understand simple ideas of length, weight and volume
 To use their senses to enjoy an explore their environment
 To observe living things
 To become aware of other cultures and beliefs
 To name shapes and colours
 To begin to understand how their body works
 To think about over people and their lives
 To acquire the skills and coordination they need for both large motor skills and small motor skills
 To find ways to tackle problems
 To come to terms with their emotions and learn to express their feelings

All of these skills are vital to every child. They are the tools that aid all future development, both academically and socially.

We aim to provide a safe, caring environment to enhance the development of your child, a place where they can be happy, learn and progress through having fun. What children learn at Little Stars is the basic foundation for school studies and beyond.


Georgina Westhorpe – Pre School Manager (Overview)  
Sadie Gooding – Pre school co-ordinatior (
Steph Ching – Pre school  assistant  co-ordinator
Debbie McCleary – Pre school assistant  

Please see our latest Ofsted Report from 15th May 2015 – Rated as Good!

Ofsted Report

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