Birthday Cakes/Sweets

Birthday Cakes/Sweets

As a school we like to promote healthy eating and lifestyle. With this in mind, it was brought to our attention the amount of cakes/sweets being eaten at school for birthdays so we decided to ask our parent community for their views. We have received 46 online responses, the results are listed below:

84.8% would still like to bring in birthday cakes/sweets

15.2% do not wish to bring in birthday cakes/sweets

We have also asked other primary schools what their school position was on this, only one school (after asking parents) do not allow cakes/sweets to be brought in. In light of the responses we have received, we will continue to allow cakes/sweets to be brought into school.

Fairy cakes/cupcakes are preferable as these can easily be handed. However, should you make/buy a whole cake, may we please ask that this is cut and individually wrapped before coming to school. We will hand out the cakes/sweets at the end of the day so it will then be parental choice whether your child eats the treat once they are at home.

If your child has an allergy or a dietary requirement, please could we ask that a small pot of treats that they like could be brought into school to be given to them whenever anyone has brought in a treat.

Many thanks for your responses.

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